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Keen on Art? Join Bruton Art Society

Monday 11 March 2013, 18:29
By John Baxter

Painting of a womanBruton Art Society (BAS), like the Wincanton Window, is for our whole area.

Just as the Window is there to serve not just Wincanton but also Castle Cary, Bruton and the villages that fall within its "orbit", so it is with the Bruton Art Society.

This year BAS celebrates its 60th annual exhibition and has long had very active members who live in Wincanton, as well as attracting members from this whole general area, so no-one who is interested in art, drawing, painting or producing prints or sculpture should think membership is restricted to Bruton residents.

This year our exhibition will again be held from 22nd to 29th March in the hall of Bruton School for Girls, thanks to the generosity of the Head. We have certainly found the school a welcoming and suitable place to hang what is always quite a thrilling exhibition. See last year's images.

Fruit in a bowlThis year the sending-in day is Sunday 17th March when members will be submitting their work to be judged by the hanging committee. They choose what will be displayed and each year the panel is made up of a different group consisting of three members and two experienced outside artists. They will be looking for such criteria as creativity, originality and impact, which is what the society has always sought to achieve.

And what if your work is not chosen for the exhibition hall? It is then placed in a second room "the salon for the refused", where it can either be removed or left to be viewed by everyone if the artists would still like to see their work displayed, for judging quality in art is always subjective.

Why Join Bruton Art Society?

Go to our website and you will see we lay on a programme of special talks, workshops and visits which attract those simply interested in art, those getting increasingly involved in producing work of their own and those who have a deep passion for what they do and have achieved recognition for it. It is this mix which makes BAS a lively and open society. With a membership fee of only £10.00 this year and £15.00 next it is not going to break the bank for anyone.

HandsFor artists who would like people to see their work and show people what they have to offer, BAS membership gives the opportunity to have six of your images and a description of who you are and what you do on our website, with a link to your website if you have one. For local artists who wish to have their work better known this is quite an incentive and costs members nothing.

So there you have it. If you love art and find drawing, painting, printmaking or modelling something you want to do, come and join us in BAS and certainly make a date to come and see our exhibition. For more information visit our website,


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