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Will Strictly season inspire you to put on your dance shoes?

Friday 22 September 2017, 20:55
By Roy Warry

Strictly Jive at Sparkford Village Hall

Strictly Come Dancing is once again bursting onto our screens this September. It’s a frenzy of shimmies and sparkles, with an array of celebs from all walks of life gracing the dance floor. Will you be watching the nation’s favourite show? Have you ever thought about learning to dance yourself?

Strictly Jive is an independent dance organization that teaches Modern Jive on a weekly basis, with classes in Crewkern, Sparkford and Somerton, all starting at 7:30pm.

Tuesday at the George Reynolds Centre, Crewkerne, Somerset, TA18 8DA
Wednesday at the Sparkford Inn, Nr Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 7JH
Thursday at the Edgar Hall, Somerton, TA11 6SB

If you’d like to come along to our Modern Jive classes, visit our website at and our Facebook page for more details. Email Roy at or phone 07811018284.

There’s no better way to put the WOW factor into the bleak winter months!

Dancing in Sparkford Village Hall

Why is Strictly so popular?

All the contestants are celebrities in their own right, and have an appeal to virtually the whole community. They are all different shapes, sizes and abilities, so we can all relate to that. We can see how much they improve over time, what a positive impact the show has on them, and best of all, what fun they are having in the process.

So, would you like the chance to see what potential you have on the dance floor, or would you just like learn a few moves and join in a fun class?

Strictly Jive was set up eight years ago and is going from strength to strength. The organisers originally aimed to share a hobby with friends, teaching them how to Jive down at their local pub (The Lord Nelson at Norton). Well, it’s gone a lot further than that now, with three classes every week and lots of new people joining in the fun.

So, what's the appeal of Modern Jive?

As a beginner to jive many years ago I was struck by how fun and friendly it was. There was no strictness about the lessons; everyone could learn at their own pace. We all move around with different partners, so getting the chance to dance with more experienced dancers makes learning quicker and easier.

For me the main draw of these Modern Jive lessons was that they were casual. It didn’t matter if I got something wrong or my technique wasn’t perfect. I wasn’t there to win medals but to enjoy myself. We always say, “nobody is watching you make mistakes, we’re all too busy making our own!

Everyone was so friendly. There was no elitism or snobbishness, no experienced dancers looking down their noses at beginners as I had found with classes for other styles of dancing. In fact, experienced lady dancers would actually ask me to dance! Nobody was born knowing the moves, they all had to learn somewhere.

Dance instruction at Sparkford Village Hall

What are the benefits of dance?

They say you should dance like nobody’s watching, and that’s good advice. Whether you’re at a club, in the shower or your living room, there are many reasons to dance when the rhythm grabs you.

Many people have turned to dancing as a way to exercise because it has movement, social interaction and fun all mixed together. Certain styles of dance can help to improve your overall flexibility, strength, endurance, and emotional well-being. When dancing gets your heart rate up it’s a good form of aerobic exercise which is good for your heart.

Dancing may also be good for your mood. It has been shown to reduce depression, anxiety and stress, and boost self-esteem, body image and coping ability, with long-lasting benefits.

If you don’t fancy Modern Jive, why not try something else? There are a great many different types of dance. You should be able to find a style that suits you in terms of intensity (high or low-impact, fast or slow), difficulty level, type of music, and whether you prefer to dance with or without a partner.

Finally, we can’t mention Strictly without paying tribute to the amazing Bruce Forsyth, who has made the programme what it is today and, with his energy and enthusiasm, encouraged so many people to get up and dance.


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