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Town Team Plans for a Sunday Market in Wincanton

Tuesday 16 April 2013, 17:42
By Katie Petre-Mears

Wincanton Town Team members: John Holman, Jon Rolnik, Katie Petre-Mears and John Smith

Wincanton Town Team is looking to set up a regular Sunday market on the High Street in a bid to re-ignite local trade.

Town Team leader Katie Petre-Mears, pictured here with John Holman, Jon Rolnik and John Smith, feels a Sunday market will be a unique selling point for the town.

"Wincanton needs a unique selling point, and not many other towns in South Somerset are open on a Sunday. In that sense, there would be no competition. Also, Sunday is a day when people don't work; they look to have a fun day out with the family, we wouldn't be competing against shopping for convenience.

"Our original plans for the town have always focused on a market as it has communities, businesses and local talent all culminating together in one buzzing environment. The overwhelming support for the Sunday market on our Facebook page and through talking to local residents has given us the determination to make this happen."

- Katie Petre-Mears

Wincanton Town Team logo

The town team is due to meet up with Sunday Market organisers in Frome to share best practice, where there is an already established successful Sunday market. Local traders in Frome have seen how positive a market has been to their business, due to visitors coming back midweek to shop on the High Street. Marlborough is another Sunday market success.

The Town Team really hopes to have support from local businesses and residents in the hope that they can see how this would have a long term benefit for Wincanton High Street businesses.

There will be a drop in meeting at the Town Hall within the next month, date to be confirmed on Thursday 25th April.


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Town Team
Reply #1 on : Thu April 18, 2013, 08:57:20
Nice at last to hear from the "Town Team" in the Window. This is the place for debate and discussion which the Gazette cannot do for all its good work.

How many High Street Traders are involved? What do they think of a Sunday Market idea? Sunday vs late opening on another day as with the Extravaganza?

We are still at a loss to know what legitimacy this Town Team has? Who are the members and who appointed them. Lots of room here in the Window for you to tell us. A note from John Smith has reached me of a "drop-in" meeting on Thurday 25th April at rather indeterminate times. Exact times please and who will be there for us to talk to?
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