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Spring has Sprung, So Time for a Visit to Rochfords

Friday 24 February 2012, 10:34
By Jonathan Harrison

Rochfords Garden Machinery logoApart from the past couple of weeks of 'Siberian' feeling temperatures, this year has so far been positively tropical by comparison to last. The grass has barely stopped growing and the daffodils in certain areas of the town are already a riot of colour, helping to wash away those winter blues. Spring, it appears, is springing, if not quite sprung!

So, the garden then and just how can we be of assistance to you?

Grass can benefit from a gentle 'tickle' every so often throughout winter. Just cutting the tops off to keep the lawn neat and tidy and leaving it a little longer than normal will help it remain nice and healthy. Once the weather stays at around 12 degrees Celsius, the grass will start to grow consistently and we have already experienced a couple of days with these temperatures.

Ride-on lawn mowerPerhaps it is time to consider if your lawn mower needs replacing for a new, up to date model or, if not, could it benefit from a service from our industry leading trained mechanics. As soon as the grass grows, people get their machines out of the shed and they have a tendency to break or don't work and we see customers frustrated they have to wait for a service or repair because we are so busy with everyone else being in the same boat. Maybe consider a preventative measure and bring your machine to us now so it will be up and running when you need it. We can arrange collection and delivery for you, at a small charge, if that helps.

We have a wide range of lawnmowers to suit all your requirements. The choice can seem overwhelming, but once we have discussed your needs, we can soon narrow down the selection and provide you with a choice of two or three to suit your needs. We try to give you a good, better, best option, so you can select a machine within your budget and feel safe in the knowledge, whichever machine you choose, it will be run and tested, delivered within the local area free of charge, if required, and it will have a full parts back-up and manufacturer's warranty.

Soil cultivatorFor those of you with allotments or veg plots, we have a great selection of cultivators, from light weight electric machines to the larger, rear-tine cultivators, which can work the soil, leaving a tilth fine enough to plant straight into. Ease of manoeuvrability can be a factor with cultivators and we have great solutions with machines specifically designed with this in mind.

Whilst it is still just verging on Spring, if your hedge needs a little tidy up, we have electric, battery and petrol hedge trimmers, all at great prices. If you want to develop your topiary skills and create a work of art from your box hedge, we have hand held, battery trimmers that are ideal for this. Also battery pruners, for trimming back those rose bushes etc.

Hedge trimmerSo Spring is just about here and the workload may be increasing in the garden, but having the right tools for the job can make this work much easier and therefore more enjoyable. Please feel free to come and visit us and see what we have to offer and how we may assist you. Don't forget we have a sales, servicing and parts department and friendly, knowledgeable staff, all in one superstore, just waiting to help and assist you in your purchase.

We look forward to meeting you.

The Rochfords Team


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