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Help Myakka support World Elephant Day

Thursday 10 August 2017, 17:10
By Andrea Cowan

Myakka is supporting World Elephant Day. You should too.

12th August is World Elephant Day: a chance to bring attention to the urgent plight of Asian and African elephants.

According to the WWF, Asian elephant numbers have roughly halved in the last 60-75 years *, whilst around 90% of African elephants have been wiped out in the past century and approximately 20,000 are being killed every year for their ivory **.

Elephants have a special place in our hearts at Myakka and feature on a wide range of our designs, from our exclusive furniture (the sheeham wood Hathi collection with its hand carved elephant panels) to the intricately hand carved Soapstone Elephant.
In support of this important cause, Myakka will be donating 10% of the sales value on any of its full-price elephant products sold during August to the World Elephant Day charity.

Open seven days a week, visit Myakka, The Tythings Commercial Centre, Wincanton, BA9 9EQ, tel 01963 31222,

The more you buy, the more we give.

Surin Elephant Lamp £179.95

Surin Elephant Lamp

Surin Standing Elephant from £399

Surin Standing Elephant
from £399

Hathi Blanket Box £279

Hathi Blanket Box

Hathi Console Table £329

Hathi Console Table

Colour Standing Patchwork Elephant from £24.95

Colour Standing Patchwork Elephant
from £24.95

Kissing Elephants Crewel Cushion £49.95

Kissing Elephants Crewel Cushion

Hand Carved Soapstone Elephant £8.95 and £16.95

Hand Carved Soapstone Elephant
£8.95 and £16.95

Hand Carved Soapstone Elephant £8.95 and £16.95



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