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Talk: Renewable Energy and The World’s Most Environmentally Friendly Fuel

Thursday 14 May 2015, 11:24
By Jane Jones

Christopher Maltin, founder of the Organic Power group of companiesChristopher Maltin, the founder of the Organic Power group of companies, has spent a lifetime working in the field of clean energy all over the world. His integrated Maltin® System for producing biomethane, renewable carbon dioxide and clean fertilisers from organic wastes was developed in Horsington and has had patents granted in 87 countries.

The title of his talk is “Renewable Energy and The World’s Most Environmentally Friendly Fuel” and will take place on Friday 15th May at 7.30pm at St. John’s Church, Horsington, BA8 0EG.

Chris' team’s pioneering and highly successful work on lead-free fuel systems for high performance engines led to an interest in the production of biomethane gas for use as a ‘clean’ fuel for vehicles, and hence to research into the anaerobic processing of organic materials to use these as a renewable source to produce energy and useful materials.

Part of this research included a detailed examination to enable a thorough understanding of virtually every type of aerobic and anaerobic digestion plant for the treatment of organic materials in almost every country in the world. The findings from this comprehensive study led to his team developing the Maltin® System on which worldwide patents were granted.

This simple but very effective waste treatment system, based on a series of low energy tanks in lagoons, reverses environmental pollution and produces nutrients, food supplements, clean fertilisers and renewable fuel for heating or cooling, or to power vehicles, or make electricity. The process is licensed exclusively to Organic Power companies who are now in the process of identifying potential opportunities and licensees throughout the world.


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Biomethane, Air Pollution
Reply #1 on : Sat May 16, 2015, 18:08:19
Earlier this year Christopher gave an excellent talk to our ANVIL discussion group in Wincanton.

This alerted me to the generally unrecognised but truly awful dangers we face in using diesel vehicles and the air pollution they bring. (I have family in London)

This is at its worst with lorries and in our cities. This is vividly spelled out in the Channel 4 Dispatches programme you can access entitled The Great Car Con. Look it up. Also check out for a summary of his talk to ANVIL.

It was good to see our new MP David Warburton at this talk. He drives a biomethane fuelled Land Rover.

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