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First to Open and Last to Close, a Look at Wincanton's Kebab & Pizza House

Thursday 9 September 2010, 12:20
By John Baxter

Wincanton Kebab & Pizza House

[UPDATE 08-11-2016:] The latest menu with prices is now at the bottom of the artice.

[ORIGINAL:] Clearly one of the best supported eating places in Wincanton, Mesut Sen's Kebab and Pizza House draws customers from lunch until late seven days a week. From its central location opposite the Town Hall you can see families and children, groups of teenagers or late night revellers arriving in search of a late night bite.

Mesut Sen, owner of Wincanton Pizza HouseMesut has owned and run the Kebab and Pizza House since 2002. Before that he worked in a Kebab house in Salisbury after coming over here from Turkey to settle in '98. With his business thriving and his two year old son and marriage to Tracey who runs Little Cherubs two doors away, Mesut enjoys living in Wincanton and says he feels he and his staff who answer to "Charlie" and "Jimmy" (Turkish names being beyond the late night locals) are happy and feel well accepted here.

That is to be expected when one comes in hungry and sees the lamb doner being carved or the kofte, shish or chicken being grilled before they are placed in a warm kebab and covered in fresh salad and tangy sauces. As for choice, as the menus show, the variety on offer is impressive.

Their vegetables and salads are all locally sourced and their meat comes from a specialist supplier in London.

"Jimmy" cutting kebab meat"Charlie" dishing up
"Jimmy" (left) is new to the UK. "Charlie" (right) has been here since 2003 and all of them work long hours.



Wincanton Kebab & Pizza House menu page 1
Click to enlarge

Wincanton Kebab & Pizza House menu page 2
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Reply #1 on : Fri September 10, 2010, 10:37:06
We bought a set of pizzas as a last minute thought when we had unexpected guests. I hate thin and crispy, but these pizzas were deep and soft with delicious topping. Well done guys. Keep up the great work.

I like the local sourcing bit too. Always try to source evrything locally. Supporting your local community is great. We all need to do that.
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New menus
Reply #2 on : Tue November 08, 2016, 14:42:43
So those menu pictures have been out of date for a loooong time. This article is the most popular article on the whole site, so it's no surprise the out-of-date menus have caused Mesut some problems, prompting him to supply an update. He's also provided a new photo of the shop front, showing the updated signage.

Apologies to Mesut and his guys for taking so long to actually update the article but it's done now, finally.

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