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Wincanton Baptist Church Carol Service 18th December

Wednesday 14 December 2011, 17:55
By John Smith

Wincanton Baptist Church, Mill StreetI have to admit that as I get older I can see an element of truth in the fact that people think that all church services are boring and of no relevance to anyone's daily life. The times that I have dreaded the thought of dragging myself out of bed to go to a church service. If that doesn't sound negative, add to this, the fact that I am a deacon and a lay preacher, and you'll start to understand the mega challenge that the Church has in modern times.

On Sunday 18th December 2011 at 6:30pm Wincanton Baptist Church invites you to join us for our annual Carol Service. But what's the point? After all it's just another boooring service. It's one of those regular annual Church events that never seem to change. We trot out the same boooring message every year about little baby Jesus. It's a sweet story, especially for the little ones. Baby Jesus and Father Christmas fit hand in glove. It's for the kids. It's part of their childhood; that is, until they grow up a bit. After that it's welcome to the real world guys. The world of "School, College, Work (if you can get it), University, and then Work (unless you're now over-qualified for the jobs that are available). All of that, and oh yes, don't forget the education bills that have built up along the way. That's more like it. That's a more accurate picture of life as it is today. The Church may have rose-tinted specs, but life has a way of shattering those rose-tinted lenses. Welcome to the real world.

So what good can this rose-tinted Christmas story do in today's real world? I guess that I would have to say that if you gathered all the carol services and general church services together into one world-breaking mega Church service, with all denominations coming together in harmony the answer would have to be..."Not a lot".

Even now as we gather speed in the journey towards Christmas Day the story about the birth of Jesus means absolutely nothing to anyone...unless we are able to understand what it means. What, if any, is the significance of this story? Is there anything to understand at all? Did this Jesus actually ever exist? If he did what was different about him? He was just a boy who grew up and became a preacher. The church today is full of people who say they are preachers (the jury is still out on that one). So where does that leave Jesus? There's a lot of competition out there. Add to the picture the thousands of wise men from the myriad of other religions throughout the world. That's a lot of competition. So in this world of ours with all its official and unofficial religions, with all their preachers, teachers, gurus etc, where in all of this does Jesus stand? What can this Jesus do that trumps all the others?

Come and join us for our Carol Service on Sunday 18th at 6:30pm. Yes we will sing some traditional carols with music by our own church band (keyboard, guitar and flute). Yes we will have readings from a book called "The Bible". Yes there will be a preacher. However he has been told to be up front, and to show how this baby called Jesus has any relevance to us in our modern world.

That's quite a tall order for anyone. Bring a Christmas message that's the same every year but different. A Christmas message that is relevant to you and me in today's world. Is that even possible? I wouldn't like to be in his shoes for that service. Mm. It might be worth a visit just to see the spectacle. I think I will. Maybe I'll see you there.

Even if the preacher is rubbish I hear that there's mince pies and tea/coffee afterwards. Now that's more like Christmas. It could be a reasonable evening after all. Come and join me and see for yourself.

Wincanton Baptist Church, Mill Street (Just below the Post Office on the right).


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