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National Charity Changes its Name

Wednesday 21 April 2010, 15:43
By Biddie Lawson

Arthritis Research UK

Readers will be interested to hear that the medical research charity Arthritis Research Campaign (ARC)  has changed its name to ARTHRITIS RESEARCH UK. This will not affect the Wincanton Branch in any way but I would like the public to know of this change so they do not think it it is a new charity.

With the name change goes a change in all our promotional material so the public will see different placards, banners, tabards and collecting boxes.

Our colour scheme is quite startling - now bright orange on white. Our annual Flag Day in the town is coming up on 4th June so we shall be seen in our new colours!
Arthritis Research UK is the charity leading the fight against arthritis and the name change is part of a major strategy to re-launch the effort.

It is one of the many positive changes being made to play a more active role in helping sufferers with this often crippling condition. The plan is to start campaigning on behalf of people with arthritis and to ensure that the condition is taken more seriously by the medical profession – and the government. The new website is Wincanton  has a volunteer fundraising and support group and they would love to hear from any readers who would like to find out more about Arthritis Research UK and what is going on locally.

Contact Branch Secretary: Mrs Biddie Lawson on 01963-32538


Biddie Lawson
Honorary Secretary of the Wincanton Branch of Arthritis Research UK


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