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The Next C.A.T.C.H. Jumble Sale is on 8th Feb

Monday 26 January 2015, 19:57
By Dave Smith

C.A.T.C.H. jumble sale of February 2014

For over two years now the C.A.T.C.H. team has been remarkably proactive in Wincanton, working to clean, protect and even improve the River Cale as a natural and biodiverse habitat. Their efforts were rewarded in the most incredible way last year when, as a direct result of the team's work, the Environment Agency chose Wincanton as a release point for more than 2000 fish to improve the river's biological status.

But stuff costs money, stuff the team needs in order to continue operating, and it'll take more than the occasional pub quiz to make ends meet. The next idea on the fundraising list is jumble sales, and as the last one worked so well they're giving it another go!

Sunday 8th February, 11am till 2pm at the Balsam Centre. There will be a 30p entry fee, but under 12s get in free.

Picking up litter doesn't seem like a costly exercise, but when there's flowing water, wildlife and the danger of hazardous chemicals and materials, safety equipment is paramount especially for a public activity involving young people. Since the beginning the team has worked to engage children and young adults. It has always been a priority to ensure that nobody is expected to pick up items without a litter picker and gloves, and everyone wears a high-vis jacket.

Some of the team activities aren't suitable for young people, and in many of those cases more specialised equipment is required. Full length waders, for example, to allow work to take place where the water is considerably deeper than normal wellies.

The Balsam Centre, Wincanton, front entrance

Occasionally outside help is required from qualified professionals. While they often offer to get involved 'pro bono' the team aims to cover any costs such as travel and food so nobody is out of pocket. Once or twice there has been a need for special hardware, like chainsaws, along with qualified personel to operate them. Some equipment will need to be hired, or at least fueled.

Then there's insurance. Dull, but necessary.

Everyone has junk they don't want or need. Often nice stuff that others would put to good use, but perhaps not something valuable enough to bother selling on ebay. Clothes, toys, books, furniture. Anything *non-electrical* that you want gone, but reckon someone else might very well make use of. Contact the team and make arrangements to hand it over before the 8th February.

If you have anything to donate, or need more information, call C.A.T.C.H. on 07597 127187 or email . Arrangements can be made for a member of the team to come and collect.


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