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Wincanton Town Football Club Challenged to Achieve Promotion

Tuesday 19 June 2012, 15:40
By Sarah Isaacs

Wincanton Town FC has had an amazing year by finishing 4th in the Dorset Magma League, having lost only two games all season. Well done and congratulations to all the players and the management team on your great achievement.

It's because of the fantastic football played that this year the club qualified for the opportunity of promotion to the Toolstation Western League, a first for Wincanton Town FC.

Wincanton Town Football Club

The club jumped at the opportunity and have been hard at work raising money to pay for the critical site improvements required by the Toolstation Western League. The main requirement was to install flood lights as many of the games within the League take place mid-week throughout the winter months. The flood lights would have also given the club the chance to set up an under 18s team, providing younger players with the prospect to be part of the club with the opportunity to progress into the adult teams. Flood lights therefore meant a great deal to Wincanton Town FC.

However, regrettably, much to the disappointment of the club, supporters and players, Wincanton Town FC will not be entering into the Toolstation Western League next season, despite the continued efforts from the committee, support from the Football Foundation and the Toolstation Western League itself. The club unfortunately just couldn't meet the Toolstation Western League's deadline with regards to having the flood lights planning permission in place. Although there is currently no opposition to the application the process has taken a significant amount of time. Unfortunately the Toolstation Western League, although offering several deadline extensions, just couldn't wait any longer.

It has been a very frustrating time for WTFC with complications and delays regarding the planning application but also difficulties with legal aspects concerning the ground lease.

Matt Isaacs, Wincanton Town Chairman comments, "The club is very disappointed with the outcome, particularly as so much work has gone into achieving the promotion, the fundraising and the time and effort that has been put into the planning process. It meant a lot to us all, but it was not for a want of trying; we just kept hitting obstacle after obstacle."

Matt goes on to say, "In spite of this we are looking forward to playing in the Magma Dorset League next season with the anticipation of achieving promotion again and perhaps even winning the league. We have every confidence in our players. Now that we have gone through some of the process required by the Toolstation Western League, we will be in a better position to fulfil our site improvements and take that promotion next year."

Matt adds, "On behalf of the club I would like to thank all those that have been involved and for their help and support. Special thanks to Tony Stone of the Toolstation Western League, as we appreciate all that they did to help us to try to make the grade, and to Sarah Lawler of The Football Foundation with regards to the funding. Both Sarah and Tony really got behind the club and did everything that they could to help us with the promotion."

Matt finishes with "Looking to our future, let's all now get behind the players and the club for next year, we can do it."

The club are still currently awaiting the completion of the planning application, but once they have received this they hope to start work on laying the hard standing, moving the railings, improving the dug-outs etc. They are keen to progress with anything that they can achieve now that will put them ahead of the game for next season with the expectation of promotion. The club is determined to progress over the next year and looks forward to a great season.


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