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Wincanton Trader & UKIP Candidate Mark Vallance Stands for Election

Tuesday 14 April 2015, 13:56
By Mark Vallance

Mark Valance, Wincanton High Street trader, UKIP candidate for District Council and Wincanton Town Council candidateAfter 40 years involvement in politics at all levels, I suppose I have seen and heard it all before. “Let's keep it clean and avoid negative comments and smears”, the parties say to each other! Sounds fine, but in the real world politics is dirty and at times in the gutter. Been there, when I was younger trying to make a point and one-up-man-ship... didn't work!

Since joining UKIP and the start of this election I have seen more smears, mud-slinging, underhand tactics, back biting, sniping and out and out lies against UKIP leader Nigel Farage and UKIP as a whole than all the others put together! We are getting use to it. But that's not my gripe. My concern is the language and negative campaigning from the Tory Defence Minister, Michael Fallon against Labour leader Ed Miliband, not because I feel sorry for Mr Miliband, it's because at the last General Election in 2010 some 19 million eligible voters didn't bother to vote!!

That's our problem. Nearly 10 men and over 9 million women failed to vote. That's bad for democracy. That's why we need to avoid personalities and stick to party policies. I have spent a very long time in politics. I just hope the election will be more invigorating and interesting or it's going to be a damp squib with even more absentees at the ballot box.

That brings me to the local scene here in Wincanton. Seven candidates standing for two seats on South Somerset District Council, both currently held by the Conservatives. Seems the campaign has got off to a slow start. Very few leaflets from any party to date and hardly any window bills. Next week, 15th April, is the first and I assume only hustings for the Candidates for the District Council to be held at the Bear Public House. I intend to be there and look forward to voters’ questions. My past experience suggest that at grass roots level people are more civilized towards each other and normally get straight answers, something those at Westminster could learn from.

The District elections look to be especially interesting as the outgoing deputy leader of the Liberal Democrat group on the Council has chosen to switch from Yeovil West ward and fight Wincanton.

With 31 Councillors for the Liberal Democrats, 25 for the Tories and 4 independents, it needs the Conservatives to make just one net gain to bring the Council down to N.O.C (no overall control). A gain of 6 seats will give them control of the Council.

Naturally we in UKIP will hope to spoil the party. We think the voters in Wincanton and the whole District have had a poor deal. Voters are tired of the revolving door between left and right wing views. It’s time for a change, new blood, a new approach.
As a shop owner in Wincanton's High Street I've seen businesses come and go, but the town lacks the support and the investment that can come from the right approach.

Wincanton has for too long been a back-water and monies find their way to Yeovil. It's wrong, we need a strong voice to argue Wincanton's case not just the same old two-party power game that we get year after year.

Whatever the outcome after the Election, we in UKIP if elected do not hold a party whip. Which means each member is free to decide the best for the Town without pressure from above. Free parking, homes for locals first, improve the quality of the town, better signs, do our best to fill empty shops and keep Council Tax to minimum levels. Wincanton first is the way ahead.


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Town/District Elections.
Reply #1 on : Tue April 14, 2015, 13:34:00
Congratulations on standing Mark. I hope you have a good Husting. See you on Wednesday at the Bear, and on Friday at the memorial Hall.

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No 'mud slinging', here
Reply #2 on : Wed April 15, 2015, 18:11:46
Thank you Mark for an interesting post. Like many I lost interest in politics some time ago, my education was basic so often felt excluded from the subject. As elections approach there always seems to be an increase in activity, loads of letters and flyers through the door (I'd much rather have a chat face to face without funds being spent on cutting down trees and diverting much needed cash on postage). There is so much good going on in Wincanton and can't relate very much of this to 'political groups', more down to less talk and more action from 'ordinary folk', just getting on with it. For me, I shall vote for those that makes some 'real', promises to take 'real', care of the people of Wincanton. Lets stop digging up our green belt, lets take control of making our High Street a place where people want to visit, lets focus on all that is good within the town, lets make those who we elect to represent us more accessible and accountable for what they do and most of all lets do all we can to create a real democracy and hear the needs of everyone in the town.
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No 'mud slinging' here!
Reply #3 on : Wed April 15, 2015, 23:34:31
Thank you Steve1. I agree with what you say. In fact this evening, I, along with 15 other prospective Town Councillors and all seven S.S.D.C Candidates made our pitch and answered questions. Much like Town Council Meetings numbers were lower than I would have liked. As normal both Tory and LibDems had their 'plants' ready to throw their opponents off guard. To be fair there was so good questions and I felt everyone, well almost, responded well. I agree we need less talk and more action. Edgar Hoover, once said 'words without actions are the assassins of idealism'.....I very much welcome the new faces looking to be elected to the apolitical Town Council. One reason I am standing for UKIP in these Elections is because I feel the 'establishment' the old guard have nothing to offer other than the 'Blame' game instead of working for the good of the Town and put Party loyalty to one side. UKIP has a policy at local Government level of NO Party whip, we are free to vote for what we see is in the best interest of Wincanton's residents. All to often the Controlling group funnel monies to Yeovil at our expense. Greater transparency, better accountability. Now we have a 'local plan' in place we need to safe guard our 'Greenbelt' land. We also propose a binding local Planning referendum on major development decisions. We are the Only party to propose such a policy! Thanks once again for your comments.
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109,000 too many!!
Reply #4 on : Fri May 22, 2015, 16:10:39
Almost daily it's hard not to hear the voices of Polish migrants now living in Wincanton, they are here looking for work of course but sadly jobs are scarce here in Wincanton and surrounding areas. Not their fault but the fault of past Politicians who have allowed the flood gates to be open, especially under the former P.M, Tony Blair and Home Secretary, Jack Straw. An estimated 2 million have left Poland, many now living and working here in the UK. The last stats out this week show an increase of 109,000 mainly from the E.U flooding into our already over crowded Island. Remember P.M. Cameron Staying little more than a few years ago, 'No ifs, no buts we don't reduce immigration down to tens of thousands then sack us'!!!! Sadly the British public have very short memories and more concerned about a bunch of Scottish Nationalist M.P's running England, just another 'false flag' raised as scaremongering English voters to vote Tory!! Cameron Conned the voters yet again! What do we have? 109,000 increase in immigration up on 2013 stats, mainly from the E.U. This time increasingly Romanians and Bulgarians. Many can't speak or write in English, I know for fact as I've worked along side of them! They simply should not be working if they don't understand English and in my view they shouldn't even be allowed across our border entry. Cameron is at the time of writing in Latvia, talking to other E.U leaders about re-negotiations, frankly he hasn't a cat in hell's chance. We need a In/out Referendum now.....asap....or I fear the UK will become a dumping ground for any immigrant who can get a E.U visa and swamp our housing and shrinking work market!

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