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UKIP Public Meeting, Friday 16th January, to Discuss "Wincanton in Crisis"

Tuesday 13 January 2015, 13:42
By Roger Clark

"Wincanton in Crisis" protest march down the High Street on 6th December 2014

The “Wincanton in Crisis” march on 6th December epitomises a national problem that is to be laid at the door of the UK’s EU membership.

It was uplifting to see the photos of Wincantonians in action on the streets of Wincanton on 6th December. Revolting Wincantonians! All protesting against the extraordinarily high amount of house building planned for Wincanton under the new core plan.

Firstly, it was puzzling to me that David Rendel should join (support?) the march. After all, he is a Lib Dem, is he not? And the Lib Dems are very much in favour of the EU, and therefore in favour of unrestricted immigration from the EU owing to the free movement of labour, and possibly of immigration from outside the EU too, and by extension in favour of the consequent vast amount of house building needed to house the immigrants who come to the UK. How can he both protest about it and be in favour of it?

The astute residents of Wincanton know – as do all the people of Britain – that what I have stated above is completely and self evidently true.

The rate of population growth and of new house building is unsustainable and is actually dangerous. It has been common knowledge for a long time that, while the UK is a member of the EU, the UK must accept any and all immigrants from the EU who wish to come to England’s green and pleasant land (even criminals it seems).

But the more that that green and pleasant land is built on to provide ever more houses, the less land there will be for the growing of food to feed an ever-growing population. That is so dangerous a risk - the risk that we can no longer feed ourselves. Might the day come when we can no longer feed ourselves? That day has come already! Britain produces only 50% of the food that Britain consumes. The rest comes from abroad, imposing a huge burden on our balance of payments, and at the same time providing jobs for foreigners abroad instead of Britons in Britain.

Horsington Village Hall

The UK is extraordinarily vulnerable to an insufficiency of food, much as it was in World War II. The risk of running short of food is quite high, and would be caused by bad weather, a sea blockade, insufficient land to grow it on, or an inability to pay for the food. Is it possible that we could no longer afford to pay for food from abroad? Yes, of course it’s possible - all the time our national debt keeps going up as now, and all the time we do not pay our way in the world as now, and all the time we go on spending our hard earned money on foreign wars, as now.

What has all this got to do with Wincanton and the surrounding villages such as Horsington, Templecombe, Charlton Musgrove and all the others in the Wincanton Window catchment area?

It’s pretty simply stated as:

Membership of the EU = More immigration = More houses = Less land to produce food to feed ourselves = Growing hungry

Don’t mention ever-greater pressure on scarce resources.

So there you have it in a nutshell. If you want to halt Britain’s decline, come to UKIP’s meeting at Horsington Village Hall (aka St. Margaret’s Hall), Lower Road, Horsington, near Templecombe, BA8 0EH at 7.30pm to 9.00pm on Friday 16th January. UKIP confronts difficult questions! See you there.

Roger Clark
UKIP Candidate Somerton and Frome 2015


David Rendel
Posts: 1
Wincanton in crisis
Reply #1 on : Tue January 20, 2015, 17:39:17
Sad to say, Roger's extraordinarily tenuous attempt to link Wincanton's housing problems (and everything else!) to the EU, only go to show how little he understands what the real problems are with the current development proposals. The issue is that Wincanton has already had a great deal of housing development in the recent past, and the provision of infrastructure has not yet caught up. Moreover such housing as we do need in this country needs to be put wherever possible on "Brown-Field" sites and not in the open countryside and especially not where it will disrupt the working of a hospital. It is the timing and the siting of the current proposals which make them unsuitable, as most people in Wincanton realise, and neither of these has anything to do with the EU.
Posts: 1
Wincanton in Crisis!
Reply #2 on : Sat March 28, 2015, 20:30:23
Roger Clark no know of not, as Alan Dimmick, UKIP P.P.C and a Yeovil County Councillor is the Parties flag bearer. In part I agree with David Rendel that 'Brown-field' sites are better suited for new housing and recent change in law no makes Councils provide that information to allow Government Ministers to make better judgements. However what I do agree with Mr Clark is that David Cameron talked of reducing immigration to 'Tens of Thousands' the reality is that from the Governments own Stats show that over 300,000 have entered these Shores and that's placing a huge burden on our housing, medical facilities, schools, jobs, benefits etc. In fact the numbers in truth amount to the Population of Malta entering the UK. You see Mr Rendel, the problem is to do with this Coalition Government polices to which I assume you agree with? They dictate the housing numbers game. You can't blame the developers when only a couple of weeks back, thousands gathered in Central London demanding more suitable starter homes and affordable. I have myself two sons in their 30's neither can afford to get on the housing ladder. Both have to private rent. The other point I would agree with Mr Clark is the affect of E.U immigrants especially from Eastern European countries here in Wincanton as they are in every City,town and village. I hear that the local Catholic School is at it's limits in intakes, reason Polish children. My wife worked at a Wincanton company on one of the trading estates. Probably 70% or more are Polish, some even supervisors. This is what you Politicians don't see or understand. Wincanton is in desperate need of more and better employment, but British workers first. As a final comment I have the Electoral Roll for Wincanton and it alarms me that there are dozens of Eastern Europeans listed and eligible to vote at Parliamentary and Local Elections. This is totally wrong in my view. I lived in France for five years and could not vote in their General Election. Likewise when I lived in the USA as a non citizen I had no vote.
Nick Colbert
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Reply #3 on : Thu April 02, 2015, 08:37:11
For the record Eastern Europeans can vote in Local and European elections in the UK but not Parliamentary elections.

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