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Monday 12 January 2015, 17:21
By Mandy Cochrane

A boxing dog

As early as 1st January, my inbox pinged with a new article from a political party – it seems the build-up to the general election will now begin in earnest! Here’s a brief reminder of Wincanton Window’s neutral stance on political matters and how we deal with articles of a political nature.

Most important to note is that published articles don’t reflect the opinions of Wincanton Window. We’re happy to publish articles written by representatives or followers of any political flavour as long as they follow a few simple guidelines.

  1. Wincanton Window has a very local focus. We’ll only publish articles that reflect a direct impact on or relevance to our catchment area, so we won’t inundate readers with general press releases.
  2. A request to all writers: please play nicely! We realise that feelings run high in election years and that criticism will inevitably be expressed by one political party towards another, but articles will be edited to remove personal insults or anything that resembles slander, incorrect information or dishonesty. Our editorial policy gives further information about this. If you are commenting on an article, please observe the same courtesy - we do monitor comments.
  3. Our aim is to maintain a balanced delivery of quality articles on a variety of topics, so if we receive too many political articles in a short time span, we may delay publication or not publish at all if a writer gets too carried away by political enthusiasm!

It should be an exciting year, and we hope that by reminding both readers and contributors of Wincanton Window’s editorial policy, we can provide everyone with an informative variety of articles from all political candidates and supporters.


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