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Wincanton Town Council election results 2022

Friday 6 May 2022, 20:22
By Dave Smith

Wincanton Town Hall and clock tower with flag flying

Wincanton's local election results are now in, for both the Town Council and the new unitary Somerset Council. Congratulations to all those elected, and a little extra this year to Sam Atherton who led the pack by a greater than 11% margin (97 votes).

Wincanton Town Council

Sam Atherton 842 6.2% Elected
Howard Ellard 745 5.5% Elected
Curly Rodgers 708 5.2% Elected NEW
Phil Rodgers 656 4.8% Elected Returning
Dawn Old 614 4.5% Elected
Emma Hix (WF) 613 4.5% Elected
Kirsten Hearne 610 4.5% Elected Returning
Claudia Cole 603 4.4% Elected
Annette Lumley (WF) 600 4.4% Elected NEW
Ray Tudgay (WF) (current vice-chair) 588 4.3% Elected
Tim Child (WF) 576 4.2% Elected NEW
Lynda Walters (WF) 567 4.2% Elected
Paul McLarnon 542 4.0% Elected Returning
Doug Smith 540 4.0% Elected NEW
Lizzy Ralph (WF) 531 3.9% Elected
Neil Anderson 516 3.8% Not elected
Sarah Dyke (WF) 458 3.4% Not elected
Julian Hamlin 456 3.4% Not elected
Jane Clark (WF) 451 3.3% Not elected
David Smith (WF) 450 3.3% Not elected
Victoria Vagg (WF) 450 3.3% Not elected
Sue Shelbourn-Barrow (WF) (current chair) 404 3.0% Not elected
Zac Greening 389 2.9% Not elected
Richard Posnett (WF) 379 2.8% Not elected
Sheleen Mason (WF) 258 1.9% Not elected

* WF = Wincanton Forward

A total of 25 candidates stood for 15 seats. There was a total of 13,624 votes cast.

It is notable that 7 of the 13 Wincanton Forward candidates failed to get elected, including the former Chair, Sue Shelbourn-Barrow, and myself, although Vice-Chair Ray Tudgay was re-elected.

There are four brand-new councillors, which is great, and three who are returning after having resigned in the past but chose not to run in the 2021 by-election.

Somerset Council, Wincanton & Bruton

Congratulations to Tom Power and Lucy Trimnell, our local Conservative candidates, who have been elected to represent Wincanton and Bruton on the new unitary Somerset Council.

Tom Power Conservative 1447 22% Elected
Lucy Trimnell Conservative 1232 19% Elected
Ewan Jones Green Party 1045 16% Not elected
Abigail Baker Liberal Democrat 1007 15% Not elected
Robin Bastable Independent 778 12% Not elected
Suzanna van Moyland Labour 529 8% Not elected
Kate Pettemerides Liberal Democrat 492 8% Not elected


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