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Wincanton Town Council 2021 by-election results

Friday 7 May 2021, 16:17
By Dave Smith

Wincanton Town Hall clock tower and the Market Place signpost

Here are the results for the Wincanton Town Council by-election that took place on Thursday 6th May 2021, to fill six vacancies.

May Samantha Atherton 913 15% Elected
Howard Thurston Ellard 789 13% Elected
Neil John Anderson 732 12% Elected
Emma Louise Hix 714 11% Elected
Dawn Louise Old 614 10% Elected
Claudia May Lucy Cole 606 10% Elected
Doug Smith 593 9% Not elected
Jez Wardrop 540 9% Not elected
Richard Charles Posnett 380 6% Not elected
Liam Jeans 377 6% Not elected

There are a total of 15 seats on the Council, and this mid-term by-election was triggered by members of the public after a total of six councillor resignations during 2020. For the months that followed, Wincanton Town Council operated at 1/3 strength but with this election all the seats are filled again.

Congratulations to all the candidates who were elected! Those who weren't, please keep an eye out for vacancies in the future. Councillors are volunteers and so there are a great many reasons why they may choose to step down along the way to make room for others who are able and willing to represent the community. Wincanton will need more people who care.


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WTC Elections 2021
Reply #1 on : Fri May 07, 2021, 16:06:39
Hope you all work together to see the Regeneration Plan brought to a successful conclusion as well as doing all you can to prevent overdevelopment in the town (the renewed attempt to get 100 houses on the Bayford/Wincanton border for instance). Good luck!
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Reply #2 on : Fri May 07, 2021, 16:16:31
Well, here's hoping the regeneration plan never comes to a conclusion!
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Regeneration - to clarify...
Reply #3 on : Sat May 08, 2021, 14:00:02
To clarify, as a few people have asked me: I meant that I hope the regeneration plan never ends, and not that it never happens at all!

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