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Wincanton Town Council election results 2019

Friday 3 May 2019, 19:37
By Dave Smith

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Wincanton's local election results are now in, for both town and district councils. Congratulations to all those elected, and a little extra for Phil Rodgers who wins the right to smugness for the next four years.

Wincanton Town Council

Wilfred Philip Rodgers 612 8% Elected
Sue Hinks 591 7% Elected
Zac Greening 552 7% Elected NEW
Lynda Walters 548 7% Elected
Ray Tudgay (current vice-chair) 542 7% Elected
Mark Jeffrey Cook 538 7% Elected
Dawn Louise Old 535 7% Elected
Janet Mary Eadington 529 7% Elected NEW
Ian Patrick Thomas 516 6% Elected NEW
Kirsten Hearne 500 6% Elected
David Alexander Smith 475 6% Elected
Victoria Galadriel Vagg 456 6% Elected
Paul Mclarnon 455 6% Elected
Elaine Sophie Anna Galitzine 422 5% Elected
Susan Ann Shelbourn-Barrow 422 5% Elected
Helen Hermanstein Smith 354 4% Not elected

A total of 16 candidates stood for 15 seats, such that only one would fail to be elected, presuming at least one vote was necessary and that every candidate would likely have voted for themselves. There was a total of 8047 votes cast. Given the nature of the ballot, and the lack of candidates, it should be no surprise that the votes have been shared quite evenly between them.

It's worth noting that only three of the successful candidates have been standing for more than one full term, and only three more have stood for longer than one term, so the last two elections have affected a near-total replacement of sitting councillors.

I welcome the new candidates, all three of whom have been successful, and all three scoring comfortably within the top 10.

As a re-elected councillor I'd like to thank everyone who voted for me. I hope to take last term's experience into the next, and bring to bear some ideas and learnings for increased effectiveness in future.

I'm sure I speak for many, if not all the other councillors when I say I'm very sorry to see Helen Smith has not been elected. She was more than deserving of the role, and I hope she'll make herself available in the event of future vacancies.

District Council, Wincanton Ward

Congratulations to Colin Winder and Nick Colbert, our local Conservative candidates, who have successfully been re-elected to South Somerset District Council.

Colin Winder Conservative 715 32% Elected
Nick Colbert Conservative 692 31% Elected
Ian Stewart Liberal Democrats 472 21% Not elected
Lizzy Ralph Labour Party 372 17% Not elected



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