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Congratulations to Wincanton Library - Serving the Community for 40 Years!

Tuesday 23 July 2013, 14:43
By John Smith

Wincanton Library staff

Wincanton Library had a Royal beginning when opened on 27th June 1973 by Her Royal Highness The Princess Margaret, sister to our present Queen Elizabeth.

Photo of Princess MargaretIn the 40 years that followed, the library, with its successive generations of staff, has served our town faithfully. Thousands of families have come to this peaceful place of knowledge and learning to make full use of their services. Over the last 40 years much value has been added to the lives of all who have visited.

With the advent of modern technology, especially the internet, the traditional concept of our library has come under serious attack. Today, with computers and more recently Kindles and the like, we see the need for the printed page seriously reduced. More and more people download their desired books at a fraction of the price of the printed page. In fairness, it would be wrong to knock this revolution. Technology is bringing the written word to the masses at much reduced prices.

But there is, and always will be something very special about sitting down and holding a real book in your hands, enjoying the feel of that hard/paper cover, smelling that odour of the pages and the printer's ink.

Wincanton Library book shelves

Bear in mind that our little library is more than it looks. It may be limited by space, but if you can't find what you want there, you only have to ask, and in most cases I am sure that the hard working staff there can source what you need somewhere in the national system. So our little local library is not just a limited local space with limited local resources. It's actually a doorway/portal to a much larger service, available to all who simply ask.

Wincanton Library computers

In that limited space you will find a great selection of books and media of all types. Catering for our modern times you will also find a good number of computers for those who need to search the internet.

Wincanton Library children's corner

They also have a valuable corner for those younger family members. A safe place where you can relax, and have fun. After all, learning starts the day you are born into this world.

Point of historic interest

The first Wincanton Library that I can find a reference to was started by The Wincanton Temperance Society in 1844. They also had a "Night School". I wonder if that's what led to being able to attend "Night School" to gain extra education in more modern times? If anyone can supply fuller information please feel free to add a comment.


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