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Wincanton kids planted trees with the Town Council for the Queen's Jubilee

Wednesday 16 March 2022, 23:02
By Dave Smith

Children from Conkers Nursery planting an oak sapling with the help of Steve Lee, Wincanton Town Council Works and Maintenance Supervisor

On the cold, wet and miserable morning of Friday 11th March, several groups of remarkably resilient school and nursery children from Wincanton helped plant trees with Wincanton Town Council in conjunction with the Queen's Green Canopy intiative marking her Platinum Jubilee in 2022.

Pupils from King Arthur's, Wincanton Primary and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary schools, as well as some very sturdy representatives of Conkers Nursery met members and staff of Wincanton Town Council, the Women's Institute and One Planet Wincanton, and the Rev. Alison Way at Wrixon's View to help plant 12 oak saplings and an aptly chosen horse chestnut sapling.

“Despite the continual rain and wind on the day it was an absolute honour for the Wincanton Town Council staffing team to be involved in the planning, preparation work for planting and the actual planting itself. Watching all those attending ascend the very steep path up to Wrixon’s View on the day was quite moving and a great tribute to Her Majesty.”

 - Steve Lee, Wincanton Town Council Works and Maintenance Supervisor

More than 50 people turned up in spite of the cold and pouring rain, but 11th March 2022 being the 70th day of her Majesty’s 70th year of reign, and Fajita Friday, it wasn't about to be cancelled over a bit of precipitation. It was good planting weather, at the very least.

More than 50 people turned up to plant trees at Wrixons View in conjunction with the Queens Green Canopy initiative

The planting was originally inspired by Wincanton resident and Arboricultural Consultant Jonathan Astill who kindly donated the oak trees, which he'd grown from acorns collected from a tree believed to be over 800 years old!

“It was such a pleasant surprise to see so many young people from the local schools and nurseries battle the rain, wind and mud to come and help plant trees for the benefit of the town and enhancement of our local environment. I can’t emphasise enough the pleasure and pride people can get from revisiting trees over the years that they have planted when they were young. The sense of ownership and involvement in a small event like this forges a strong connection between children and the natural world. It’s a gift that just keeps giving!”

 - Jonathan Astill, Arboricultural Consultant

Wrixon's View is a Town Council-owned plot of land at the top of the hill behind Carrington House care home, on the public footpath at the top of Lock's Lane, off Carrington Way. The Council aspires to enhance the biodiversity of the plot and maintain it for the long-term benefit of the community and the environment.

Jonathan Astill, Arboricultural Consultant, explained and demonstrated the planting process to all the children

Councillor Ray Tudgay, Chairman of the Council's Open Spaces Committee, opened the session with a few words of welcome and to introduce Jonathan Astill, who then explained and demonstrated the planting process. The attending groups then separated to each plant a couple of the saplings; the kids from Conkers Nursery, of course, taking responsiblity for the horse chestnut.

“On behalf of the Town Council I would like to thank all those who turned out today in these awful conditions. A special thank you to Jonathan Astill for both donating and assisting with the planting of the oak saplings and also thank you to the Wincanton Town Council staff who went above and beyond to make sure the event went ahead.”

 - Ray Tudgay, Chairman of WTC's Open Spaces Committee

With the trees in the ground and group photos abound, they didn't long stick around else they'd all have drowned.

On the following Monday 14th, an additional oak sapling was planted by a child from Little Sunbeams Pre-School who was unable to attend on the Friday.

Jonathan Astill, arboricultural consultant, demonstrating the planting of an oak sapling for Wincanton school children

Wincanton Primary School children planting an oak sapling

Children from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School planting an oak sapling

King Aruthur's School students planting an oak sapling

Children from Conkers Nursery planting an aptly chosen horse chestnut sapling

The Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School planting group

Members and staff of Wincanton Town Council after planting an oak sapling at Wrixon's View

The Rev. Alison Way from Wincanton Parish Church of St Peter & St Paul planting an oak sapling at Wrixon's View

Members of the Women's Institute planting an oak sapling at Wrixon's View

Ascending the steep path to Wrixon's View to participate in the tree-planting

The planting kit and saplings


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