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Wincanton Car Owner is a Target of Sustained Vandalism

Friday 8 March 2013, 20:00
By Anonymous

Car crime suspect

In June 2012, on the weekend of the Jubilee bank holiday, two cars were targeted by vandals in Wincanton when they were splashed or squirted with a corrosive substance. The damage done was quite severe, especially to the smaller car.

The cars were repaired but the CCTV that was in use at the home unfortunately did not capture the perpetrators, so the police and the home-owners could only draw a blank as to why they were targeted.

The home-owners hoped that would be an end to it but sadly, after the smaller car was parked in their drive on Christmas Eve, someone deliberately went into the neighbouring garden and targeted the car again. This happened between 24th December and 27th December 2012.

Car vandalised with corrosive agent

The damage was such that the owner decided not to get the car repaired. To do so, they thought, would allow the person doing it the satisfaction of knowing they have caused financial distress and upset to that person. There was no guarantee that the person committing this awful crime would not come back and do so again.

With that in mind the home-owners invested in new CCTV cameras that record 24 hours a day.

It has proved to be a good investment because the same person decided at 18.52 on 3rd March 2013 to target their car again. The image from the CCTV is not what we expected the person to look like; you don't expect to see what looks like someone of the older generation to do such things.

We don't know why they have targeted this car or even this home, we can only draw a blank and wonder what is going through this person's mind when they are inflicting such damage to someone else's property. The distress this has caused has been considerable and the person responsible really needs to be caught and brought to justice.

The police have been given a copy of the CCTV image so that they can investigate further but this person has deliberately walked past the house, taken what looks like a squirty bottle (full of some sort of corrosive liquid) from their jacket and then deliberately sprayed the car again.

Close-up of car vandalised with corrosive agent

The damage is quite bad as you can see and we really want to get this person caught. So if you can help please let us know.

The person in the CCTV image is of an older appearance, wearing a flat cap, what looks like a padded jacket, grey or darkish trousers and shoes. They look like they are of a medium build.

If you can help to identify the person who has done this please contact the police. This person needs to be caught and made to pay for their actions.

In a comment to the Western Gazette, PC Andrew Brown, neighbourhood beat manager for the Wincanton area, appealed for members of the public to come forward with any information.

"This is a very serious and appalling crime which has caused a lot of upset and distress to the victim.

"We are currently investigating the incident. I am optimistic we can identify the individual concerned.

"Anyone with information should contact police at the non-emergency number 101."


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