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Sowing the Seeds for a Wild Flower Meadow in Cale Park

Tuesday 30 September 2014, 12:27
By John Smith

Cale Park wild flower meadow site

On 23rd September Gary Hunt from the CATCH team asked Town Council for permission to proceed with ground preparation for a new Wild Flower Meadow. The meadow is one part of the ambitious Cale Park Project sited at the southern end of the current recreation ground play-park. When completed, Cale Park will be an amazing facility for the people of Wincanton.

Gary stressed that delays now could mean that the wild flower meadow may not happen for another year. The urgency is to clear of the existing site from weeds and undergrowth so that when the seeds are sown, they have the best chance to germinate and get established.

The meadow area was completely overgrown, but with hard work the area was cleared to ground level. In May the meadow also benefited from the planting programme with saplings being planted. So, to get the meadow ready for seeding they need to kill off the last remaining vegetation. This means spraying weed-killer on the site now, and possibly a second application in the spring of 2015, before sowing the seeds.

Councillor Maureen Emery asked if the CATCH team had the relevant qualifications to carry out spraying on public land. Gary referred to his colleague Simon Wiltshire who is a Biodiversity and Restoration Advisor (that means he’s clever), who will be responsible for the spraying, and he confirmed that he has all the necessary qualifications.

CATCH is a great example of local residents caring about their environment, and playing to their strengths.


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Memorial meadow
Reply #1 on : Tue September 30, 2014, 15:24:39
It was suggested previously that the meadow been known as the memorial meadow in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One. The inclusion of Flanders poppies in the wild flower seed mix was also suggested. It would be interesting to hear feedback on this suggestion, my thoughts are that this would be a respectful way of remembering all those that made the ultimate sacrifice.
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Memorial Meadow
Reply #2 on : Wed October 01, 2014, 10:42:11
Sounds like a really nice idea Steve.
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Cutting grass & riverbanks in certain areas.
Reply #3 on : Wed April 08, 2015, 14:20:42
Along the Cale from Cemetery Lane and up the path towards Grants Lane & Carrington Way the grass and banks are cut so short, that you end up with a monoculture of grass only fit for short legged dogs to defalcate on and little cover for the slow worms. Last year some of it was not cut and the wildflowers and butterflies and other winged creatures were soon attracted. Long grass sustains beetles and other invertebrate life that then feeds fauna further up the food ladder. It also added lots of different shaped plants and scents other than composting grass as it is usually left killing the grass underneath. Having been a BASIS adviser it would be nice to see our "environment" not just a sea of sterile grass?
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Cutting of Grass and Riverbanks
Reply #4 on : Wed April 08, 2015, 14:47:28
Hello Decoy03

Yes yes and yes. Only last weekend I was invited to meet with the Bourton group who are taking on the management of some of the verges and banks in the village. They are doing just as you said and its going to be fantastic. They are having to strike a balance between what the People need ie visibility on junctions and grass areas to walk but the main aim is to increase the wild flowers diversity and then all life that depends on it. Now as you well know we have a lot of potential in Wincanton to do just that. I was only discussing with a few of the CATCH group (who I am a member) to suggest that a sub group would be an excellent idea. Are you interested in making it happen? Best Regards Gary Hunt.

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