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Highways issues brought up at Wincanton PACT meeting 24/9/09

Thursday 1 January 1970, 01:00
By Jenny Maynard

PACT Walkabout Outcomes. Friday 23rd October 09

Present: Barry Taylor- PACT Chairman, Helen Rutter- Area Development Manager, Pam Williams- Re-generation Officer, PCSO Jenny Maynard, PC Andrew Brown, Colin Winder- Town Councillor, Maureen Emery- Deputy Mayor; Anna Groskop- County Councillor, Gary Warren- Highways, Michael Gotlieb and Jon Brown- Street Scene, Laura Johns- Linx Project, Murial Cairns - Town Council Clerk, Members of the public John Baxter Wincanton Window.

Apologies: Tim Carroll- District Councillor.

Station Rd Pedestrian Crossing from Church Walk to Recreation Area:

Pam Williams (Regeneration Officer) reported: There is to be a pre-commencement meeting with Highways and Hopkins Developments in approximately 2 – 3 weeks, which will work out the process of work and how it will be completed on Station Rd.

Once this meeting has taken place, the work will commence as soon as a date has been agreed. The road will not be closed, but delays may be possible at times. The works will take approximately 2 – 3 weeks.

A temporary Pedestrian Warning Sign on Station Rd:

Gary Warren (Highways): At the meeting and on first sight of the problems Gary felt that the spot was clearly well used, potentially hazardous and in the run up to installation of a crossing a sign might be provided. In the balance the overall feeling was for the crossing to be installed in January 2010. This was due to the possible disruption that the installation would cause to the Christmas Trade over the December period 2009.

Gary Warren (Highways) subsequently has reported: With regards to the zebra warning sign, I have spoken to Clive Sutton regarding this, and with the crossing likely to be installed in January 2010 the sign cannot be introduced until after the crossing is installed. The crossing itself usually has the effect of reducing vehicular speeds.

Balsam Fields / Mundays Mead parking issues on the junctions:

The possibility of extending the double yellow lines from the South Street/ Balsam Fields junction, further up to the turning for the veterinary surgery.

Gary Warren (Highways) reports: As mentioned during our walk around, we are currently holding back on any changes to parking restrictions until we have advertised Wincanton’s existing restrictions. This work is being done in conjunction with a County-Wide survey associated with Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE), where all restrictions are being mapped and consolidated into one Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) and which will ensure all existing restrictions become enforceable. For information, we have a team in County Hall which is managed by Mr Dave Grabham, running this project, and which is anticipated will be rolled out over the next couple of years (starting with Sedgemoor area in 2010.

PCSO Jenny Maynard: a leaflet drop will be conducted around Balsam Fields, Mundays Mead area, raising awareness of the legal restrictions on parking within 15m of a junction. if vehicles are still found to be continually obstructing the junction, Fixed penalty notices will be issued by the Police.

The need for a Dog Bin at Balsam Lane/ Snagg Lane:

The need for more Rubbish bins in the High Street:

Michael Gotlieb (Street Scene): We can look at the use of the bins in the area to see if we can move any that are not getting as much use. A meeting will be organised with the Town Council and Street Scene to review the use all of Wincanton bins, and see if there is a possibility of better use of existing or new bins. As a general rule Streetscene are aiming to reduce the number of bins but make sure that they are in the right places and fit for their intended use.

In the High Street area it is difficult to find suitable places for rubbish bins to be located. This is due to the bins obstructing the pathway, or the fire hazard issues that is related to attaching bins to the buildings in the High Street.

Placards/ Posters on the railings of Eastfield Rd, Junction with the High Street:

Michael Gotlieb (Street Scene): No posters present at the moment. The enforcement officer for the area will keep monitoring the situation.

Problems with parking bays, yellow lines and drains on the High Street.

Gary made a note of bays/ lines that had been put back in the wrong place and drains that don’t work following surfacing works. He will investigate further.

The next Wincanton PACT Meeting will be held at Churchfields, Wincanton, on Monday 4th January 2010 at 7pm.

Jenny Maynard PCSO


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