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Bayford Hill Blues

Wednesday 29 April 2015, 11:52
By Nigel Engert

The Conservatives sign attached to the security fence at the Bayford Hill development siteThe Conservatives sign near the derelict house down by The Wagtail

Local Conservatives must be disconcerted by the rash of election posters that have appeared in Wincanton in some unlikely places, such as the security fence along the northern side of the Bayford Hill, site which will soon see a 44 house development in spite of the protests of District Councillors.

Others now surround but fail to hide the ruined building on the Wincanton Gateway site that figures so prominently (and unattractively) on the western approach to the town. David Warburton must be less than happy to see his name in this context.

Is this insensitivity deliberate, or an indication that there are two brands of Conservatism - one local and the other national?

Let's hope that the government formed after May 7th has a much greater commitment to listening and responding to local opinion on planning matters so that in the future our elected members rather than Planning Inspectors decide what is built (or not built) in our town.


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