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A303 Resurfacing Now Extended From Wincanton to Sparkford

Tuesday 14 October 2014, 11:17
By John Smith

A view of A303 traffic during the recent Wincanton-Mere resurfacing works

Somerset County Hall Road Closure Team have given notice of yet more road works on the A303 following on from the current works which are scheduled to complete by 21st October. The new works, between Wincanton and Sparkford, are due to start on 15th October, taking up to 49 days to re-surface the Eastbound and Westbound carriageways.

Traffic will be diverted from Sparkford, via Castle Cary, back to the A303 at Wincanton. The diversion shouldn’t cause any issues as it only by the edge of town.

There was some confusion about the new works because they are scheduled to start six days before the completion of the existing works. With the two contracts overlapping it would make good sense to use the same diversion route. However, as of 10th October there was no evidence of any signs to warn motorists of the pending works and appropriate closures/diversions.

Skanska, the contractor, has confirmed that the current works will actually be completed by the 14th (today - seven days earlier than scheduled). The new works will then begin Westbound from the Wincanton junction to the Sparkford roundabout, and then the final phase will be from the Sparkford roundabout back to the Wincanton junction.

Work is expected to be completed by early December, weather permitting, and was planned to minimise the disruption to travellers.

Sparkford (Hazelgrove) roundabout, looking eastbound

The new road surface should lead to reduced traffic noise on the Wincanton by-pass when compared to standard hot-rolled asphalt.

At a recent Town Council meeting a Councillor asked about alleged skid marks on the new surface, asking if this was due to misuse of contractor’s machinery, amidst concern that this may weaken the new surface.

Skanska confirmed that the marks are actually those of the ‘track air’ machine that is used to clear any spoil, carry out any drainage cover works, remove cats-eyes housing etc. The nature of this piece of equipment means moves very quickly and turns in tight circles. It does not damage the old or new surface course and is a standard piece of equipment used on all resurfacing works.


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Re: A303 Resurfacing Now Extended From Wincanton to Sparkford
Reply #1 on : Tue October 14, 2014, 21:58:01
Roadworks have to be done, and in between the end of the summer holidays and the start of the Christmas season is a sensible time ... but surely, this would have caused less upset if they'd announced it all in advance instead of waiting until people thought it was over and then saying "Aha! No! We have some more planned!"

...or is it just me?
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More Road Works
Reply #2 on : Wed October 15, 2014, 09:50:13
I registered details to receive all local updates, and also check the Highways Agency website regularly to catch all such works. The site still doesn't show the works on their map.

In this instance our Editor received notification from the Somerset County Road Closure Group. Highways eventually confirmed the road works, but nobody seems to have told their map bloke.

We'll try to stay ahead of the game.

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