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Improve Your Health In Two Minutes Using The BodyTalk System

Wednesday 1 February 2012, 15:41
By Liz Josey

Positive Living Group logoThis Thursday evening Wincanton Positive Living Group will be welcoming guest speaker Kat Knecht who will be telling us all about the BodyTalk system and how we can improve our health in two minutes!

BodyTalk is an energy-based healthcare system which pulls together the wisdom and philosophy of acupuncture, chiropractics, kinesiology and insights from maths and science. It works on the premise that illness or disease occur in the body because the communication in the BodyMind has broken down; cells become separate from the whole and systems are no longer working together or are synchronised, which means internal systems become scrambled and can't function effectively. We use bio muscular feedback to work with what is a priority in the body, and by using a series of tapping techniques on the brain and sternum we help to improve internal communication between all parts of the BodyMind so that the body becomes balanced and it own natural healing ability is re-established.

BodyTalk is very effective and works by providing deep, long lasting change rather than short term symptomatic relief. Results are usually seen within a few sessions and it is safe, simple and non invasive. It also works very well with children and adults and can be a stand alone therapy or integrates well with other forms of treatment. Come along and learn a technique to improve your own health and that of your friends and family.

For further information please visit the website,

Wincanton Positive Living Group meets every Thursday evening in the side meeting room of Wincanton Memorial Hall. There is no need to book. Just come along whenever there is a talk of interest. Lovely, friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Everyone welcome. Refreshments included. (Please note for the group meetings we use the side entrance to the left of the Memorial Hall and not the main entrance.)

Doors open 7.30pm
Topic of the evening 8.00pm
Social and refreshments 9.15pm 'ish'
Doors close 10.00pm
Admission £5 (includes refreshments)

For full details of all upcoming talks please visit or telephone Liz on 07969 796061.

I look forward to welcoming you... happy days! With love, light and laughter,



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