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Wincanton Gets a 2015 Town Council Election

Thursday 16 April 2015, 15:49
By Dave Smith

District Council candidates, and the audience at the 2015 election husting in Sweetman Hall, behind The Bear Inn

After the registration deadline for election candidates closed, the names of the 19 Wincanton Town Council candidates were made public. So on Election Day, 7th May 2015, in addition to the District and Parliamentary candidates you will also be able to vote for up to 15 of the following locals to represent you at a town level.

For the benefit of voters a little historic detail has been included. It may prove interesting to know which candidates have been voted onto our Town Council at previous elections, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience, which have been co-opted by sitting councillors along the way, and which are brand new and inexperienced. It’s also worth noting that two of the existing councillors have held the position of Mayor.

Town Council Election Candidates

Maureen Emery Elected
Dora Hibberd Elected
Sue Hinks Elected
Philip Rodgers Elected
Lynda Walters Elected
Colin Winder Elected - former Mayor
Mark Jeffrey Cook Co-opted June 2013
Howard Thurston Ellard Co-opted Sept 2014
John Edward Hayden Co-opted Sept 2014
Ray Tudgay Co-opted Feb 2014
Victoria Vagg Co-opted Oct 2014
Martin Lawrence Russell Co-opted Nov 2012 – current Mayor
Helen Smith New Candidate
David Smith New Candidate
Mark Anthony Vallance New Candidate
Simon Patrick Wiltshire New Candidate
Jane Yolanda Griffin New candidate
Stewart Philip Wray New Candidate
Dawn Old New Candidate

The hustings venue: Sweetman Hall, behind The Bear Inn, Wincanton

That’s 19 candidates contending for 15 seats. All the ingredients present a great opportunity to vote for Town councillors of a wide age range and varied life experience. It seems inevitable that there’ll be a solid foundation of councillors with previous experience, able to mentor successful new candidates.

Several existing councillors have chosen to step down at the end of this term. With the addition of no less than seven new faces it seems there’ll be a minimum of four new councillors this year.

At this first level of Local Government party politics is not involved. The goal is to elect 15 councillors who will work together, as one unit, for the benefit of Wincanton.

To the credit of all involved all but four of the candidates turned up to the Town Council Husting at The Bear Inn on Wednesday 15th April, to meet the public, make their pitch and answer questions. Statements were received from some of the candidates who were unable to attend, and were read out after attending candidates had each been given two minutes to make a verbal statement to the audience.

All the candidates seemed eager to become, or remain councillors, evidently keen to serve the people of Wincanton. Members of the public put questions to the candidates, the majority of whom had plenty to say on all topics.

The District Council husting immediately followed at the same venue, attended by equally enthusiastic candidates and audience. The Parliamentary husting will take place on Friday 17th April at the Wincanton Memorial Hall, starting at 7:30pm (doors open from 6:30pm).


Penny Ashton
Posts: 1
Thanks Dave
Reply #1 on : Fri April 17, 2015, 09:33:47
Useful to have the information about who has been elected or co- opted and who is new. Good luck to everyone at the election, it is good to see that we have enough for an election this time.
Nick Colbert
Posts: 1
New candidates
Reply #2 on : Fri April 17, 2015, 17:06:52
Great too see so many younger new candidates, makes me optimistic.
Last Edit: April 17, 2015, 17:07:12 by Nick Colbert  

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