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Wincanton Health Centre's second public meeting is on Friday 10th March

Thursday 9 March 2017, 02:19
By John Smith

The audience at Wincanton Health Centre's public meeting of 2015

Wincanton Health Centre is holding its second public meeting on Friday 10th March 2017. The meeting will be held in the Wincanton Memorial Hall between 6:30pm and 8pm.

This follows their first public gathering held in September 2015 that attracted a capacity crowd, allowing doctors and staff to share with the audience the growing challenges they're facing here in Wincanton, and how they plan to deal with them in order to continue providing a high quality service.

Like others across the country, Wincanton Health Centre faces growing patient demand as well as diminishing resources. As if that isn't challenge enough, they are also working hard to attract enough doctors from a dwindling pool to fulfill the practice needs.

Attendees were invited to write feedback and suggestions on the walls

Data was presented to show that the long-standing traditional ways of administering health services are becoming unsustainable. Change is needed to ensure the best possible service for patients under trying circumstances.

Wincanton's practice is taking this situation very seriously, researching the issues and looking far and wide to see how other providers are addressing the challenges. They have even looked at how health centres in the USA are managed. This has led to our Health Centre making some radical operational changes in a bid to make the most of the annual budget.

They have introduced an extended team which includes health coaches, nurse practitioners and paramedic practitioners. Whilst some patients have struggled with the changes it would seem that the majority of patients are convinced that they make the best of a bad situation.

During the last meeting a generous time slot was allocated to allow attendees to write feedback, positive or negative, on large sheets of paper stuck to the walls. The Centre staff seemed keen to be engaged in person, as well as to consider at a later date the thoughts people might prefer to supply anonymously.

There were good comments, and bad ones. Here are some good ones!

Eighteen months have passed and the doctors and staff want to update the community on their progress, and explain what further changes have been made since the last meeting.

There will be refreshments and an opportunity to speak to the different members of staff about their roles within the Health Centre.


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Health Centre Public Meeting 10th March
Reply #1 on : Sat March 18, 2017, 22:32:00
Very well organised, with all our GPs present to talk to us about the challenges facing the Health Centre and its staff as well as changes likely to take place soon. No report in the following week's Western Gazette though, which is a shame.

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