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Silhouettes of Wincanton at Sarah Gibson Optometrist

Thursday 1 January 1970, 01:00
By Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson OptometristHere, at Sarah Gibson Optometrist we believe in supplying impeccable standard. One way we can offer this to you is by supplying Silhouette rimless eyewear which we consider to be one of the best rimless spectacles available.

These wonderful minimalistic frames have incomparable quality and attention to detail. They are specifically designed to be lightweight so that you hardly notice you are wearing spectacles.

Silhouettes In Space

This reputable standard of Silhouettes has even led them to be astronaut's favourites. In space you need durability - there is no option for product failure and Silhouettes could guarantee this. Silhouettes are made without screws, minimising the possibility of spectacles coming apart, which in an astronauts case could be a life or death situation.

"If a screw comes out of the frames, it can be life and death because it can float into the breathing apparatus. And, of course, the astronaut can't be worrying about his vision with all of these distractions."

So what else is appealing about the Silhouette rimless spectacles?

There is a wide variety of lens shapes available which means we can provide you with the most practical shape for your lifestyle as well as the most flattering design for your appearance.

In the practice we have several ranges for you to try. We supply Titan Edge which have the ultimate temple design with brushed matt surfaces. These are ideal for people who consider their spectacles to be an accessory as well as a necessity. Of course, these frames maintain their simplicity.

"Simplicity requires particularly vast creativity. Titan Edge is the best proof of this."

We also stock the Titan Must collection. This is the more popular range which have flexible arms in warm colours both suitable for men and women. Flexible, is by no means the definition of indestructible but they are extremely strong despite their appearance. Like the Titan Edge collection we can offer a choice of lens shapes to suit individual tastes.

The Colorama Collection is the newest addition to our Silhouette stock. These frames maintain their durability and undeniable comfort. However, Silhouette have added more flavour to this range by including a dash of colour to the frames. The Colorama design has hinges which can be a good thing! We've found through customer feedback that some people enjoy having hinges on their spectacles as they feel more secure than the Silhouette Must Collection. By selling these three collections we hope to meet the expectations of our cutomers and provide something for everyone's taste.

Silhouette News

The sad fact is that fewer practices over the UK will be stocking Silhouette Rimless spectacles due to new protocols being enforced by the supplier. However, due to their popularity throughout the South West we endeavor to supply them long into the future. If you are interested in trying the Silhouettes feel free to pop into the practice where a member of staff will gladly show you the collections.

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