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Men's Health Presentation a Success for Wincanton PPG

Monday 13 June 2011, 17:15
By John Bradley

John Bradley, Chairman, Wincanton Patient Participation GroupAs Chairman of Wincanton Patient Participation Group I was pleased to introduce the Urology team from Yeovil District Hospital to a large audience of patients in the Memorial Hall in Wincanton on the evening of the 25th May. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer some four years ago and have undergone radiotherapy, surgery, and now hormone injections to contain the disease. Prostate Cancer has become incredibly common amongst older men - many will receive treatment and the disease will be eliminated or contained, some will die of the disease if detected too late, and most will die with but not of the disease after a normal life span. I learned the facts and the lifestyle complications the hard way and it gave me great satisfaction that the PPG were putting the information in front of patients. I wish that I had been given the opportunity to attend such a presentation when I needed it most.

Clinical Nurse, Debbi ColeClinical Nurse Debbi Cole gave a detailed description of the most common health problems in a most informative manner supported by slides and a touch of humour to lighten the more sensitive and difficult examples. Specialist Doctors Mohammed Khawaja and Sanjit Das answered questions from the audience in a very lively session to complete the presentation. Refreshments were then served whilst audience members were able to talk individually to the team.

Debbi reported that this was the first instance of being asked to give a presentation to a patient participation group and how worthwhile she had found the experience to be. Changes within the NHS are bringing decision-making and discussion to local surgery and patient levels and she hoped that other PPGs will follow Wincanton's example in the spread of both useful and vital information.

John Bradley


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Men's Health
Reply #1 on : Tue June 14, 2011, 09:08:05
Nice one John. Us getting older sort of blokes need to take our health a bit more seriously. Too many have a stiff upper lip the end as they say. We need to unwind and get to know our excellent doctors a bit better.

Keep up the great work.
Dan Dare
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Reply #2 on : Thu November 10, 2011, 15:56:26
PSA tests are not routine. Should they be an annual requirment or is it to costly? It is to late when you have a problem!

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