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WW Organising Committee Plans for 2011

Thursday 27 January 2011, 18:52
By John Baxter

Committee meetings for the sake of it are not what we are about, but it is important for those of us who are increasingly involved with the running of our Community Web Magazine that we periodically get together to discuss how things are going and as more get involved, to get to know each other.

The Wincanton Window Organising Committee

Here you see, left to right, Elizabeth Baxter, Secretary, Mandy Cochrane, Associate Editor, Sarah Darlington, Gardening Correspondent, Richard Porter, Chairman, Rebecca Thurgood, Charities, Penny Moorcraft, Arts, Dave Smith, Website Manager, Clive Rogers, Travel, John Smith, Wincanton Business Together, John O'Neill, Treasurer and John Baxter, Editor. Keen to join us for future meetings are Emma Harrison, King Arthur's and Lyn Ward, Balsam Centre.

We discussed how we are organised and the need to commit to a particular non-profit community structure and Dave Smith told us there will be opportunities for advertisiers. We also discussed and explored what we mean by having an Open Editorial policy, ie that in writing articles for the WW we or anyone else is free to express their opinions, provided they do it in a legal, decent and honest way, and that the same goes for comments at the end of articles.

We then reflected on the way we have grown steadily and how the "culture change" needed to get the Window to take off seems to be happening. More and more people are getting used to contributing by writing articles or putting in diary entries. As a result our viewing figures continue to increase, reaching over 100 per day and 3000 hits in a month. Add to this that the really switched on access the WW via Facebook, an initiative Mandy Cochrane has been developing, and we can see ourselves as quite "cutting edge."

Much still needs to be done with underexplored areas of community life and we discussed how we need to approach people we meet who have a story of any sort to write articles, take photos or make comments. What we need are more contributors, more volunteers to have a go. We all agree this should not take over your life, but if you are able to spend two or three hours a week working for the Wincanton Window it is amazing what you can achieve for yourself and for the community and how many interesting people you will meet.

When the formal meeting was finished we had a good chance to socialise.

John Baxter


Nick Colbert
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Say cheese
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Re: WW Organising Committee Plans for 2011
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Hey, that's one of my biggest!

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