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Wincanton Jobs Lost at Waverly TBS

Wednesday 17 October 2012, 15:33
By John Smith

Waverley TBS, a major drinks wholesaler with a depot on the Wincanton Business Park was put into administration approximately a week ago. Deloitte, one of the biggest accountants and insolvency organisations in the world, was called in to administer Waverley TBS, with the main aim of finding a buyer for the company. Like the Adams cheese packing plant, Waverley TBS is a national organisation and one of the UK's major drinks wholesalers.

The Waverly TBS building on the Wincanton Business Park

In Wincanton we were used to the more familiar name of "The Beer Seller". The Beer seller started from nothing and became a very successful and profitable concern supplying drinks throughout this region.

Somewhere along the line I guess that their success was recognised and resulted in them being approached and bought out by Waverley TBS. Nationally Waverley TBS employ in the region of 750 people. My understanding is that in Wincanton there are circa 30 people employed by Waverley and I have been advised that 15 of the 30 jobs have already gone.

Despite their continuing efforts Deloitte haven't been able to identify a suitable buyer for the business, so they are now focussing on realising the company's assets. My guess is that the other 15 jobs are now at serious risk. So if any employers out there have jobs on offer I would ask you to contact Deloitte or Mayor Colin Winder at Wincanton Town Council.

Waverly TBS sign

After the closure of the Adams plant the last thing we needed was for more jobs to disappear. It's ironic that I attended a meeting recently with Town and District Council, Wincanton People's Plan, and The Town Team to start the discussion process aimed at creating a forward-looking plan to improve the image of Wincanton, and to help create and provide the circumstances to attract new business to our town.

Despite this latest uncertainty those who attended that meeting are positive that if we all work together we can make a difference and that Wincanton can be marketed as an excellent place to start new businesses, or for established businesses to expand into this area. There is no question; Wincanton is open for business. We aim to create the right circumstances to try and attract more jobs at all levels to our area.


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