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We Need Your Vote! Oops, no we don't...

Saturday 13 November 2010, 18:47
By Mandy Cochrane

[The following was published just before we discovered that the shortlist had been further shortened, unfortunately, so please don't head into town expecting to be able to vote for us! There are three other worthy candidates, however, so don't let this stop you altogether...]

If you dip into Wincanton Window regularly, you'll be familiar, and hopefully very happy with the range and depth of news and articles we bring to the local community. I think it's fair to say it's the best community webzine of its type - at least that's what we've been told by some of our visitors and who are we to argue with that?

John O’Neill, our TreasurerRichard Porter, our ChairmanJohn Baxter, our EditorDave Smith, the... non-geek?Mandy Cochrane, the prospective successive Editor

It all started over a year ago as a brave idea by a group of enthusiastic but slightly mad volunteers and supporters. The main movers and shakers at the start were our Editor, John Baxter, (who must spend all day every day writing articles, photographing articles and walking around Wincanton trying to get everyone else to write articles); Dave Smith (the most non-geeky web developer and techie person you'll meet this side of - well, Wincanton probably) and the rest of the committee (take a look at their profiles on the About Page). Between them, and the fantastic group of people that make the effort to write and comment regularly on the web site, they've made the Window into a great resource in little over a year.

Have I softened you up sufficiently to ask for a small favour? The Window has been shortlisted for a Natwest Community Grant, which is absolutely brilliant BUT we need you to pop into Natwest Bank in Wincanton before 28th November to fill out a voting slip. As I said, we're mostly volunteers here, but as with everything, there are running costs we need to cover. The grant is for £750 - that's enough to pay development costs for the web site for a little longer and cover other small expenses that we incur.

Whether you're new to Wincanton Window or a regular visitor, thanks for supporting us - I know it might take you five minutes out of your way to pop into Natwest but we really appreciate you taking the time to cast your vote.


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We Need Your Vote - Sorry No.
Reply #1 on : Mon November 22, 2010, 11:46:39
Despite our chairman Richard Porter getting his submission in on time and intially hearing we were in the running, as those who have tried to vote have found, we have not been put on the ballot for you to vote for us.

So far no explanation has come through and we look forward to hearing from the bank's organisers.

We would however like to thank all those who have gone into the bank to vote and very much appreciate your support.

If you would either like to make a donation
towards our running costs or get involved writing, photographing, doing admin or drawing the attention of businesses or organisations to what we are offering, please get in touch and let us know. Perhaps volunteer for two hours a week?

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