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Twitter Hacking Warning

Monday 17 October 2011, 16:13
By Mandy Cochrane

Sad Twitter - We've been hacked :(Last night I received a direct message from one of our Twitter followers (whose account had unfortunately been hacked). The message said: "There's a bad blog going around about you, have you seen it yet?" It then gave a link purporting to be to the blog in question.

As the message came from a Twitter follower personally known to me, I thought it was genuine and clicked the link. The hacker then had all details to Wincanton Window's Twitter account and began sending out the same message from our account to all our followers.

If you've received any of these messages, I can only apologise for being a gullible idiot and warn you not to click any links from direct messages sent yesterday from Wincanton Window on Twitter. If you've fallen prey to it yourself and found your Twitter account has been hacked, change your password immediately. Also check the Applications tab in your Account Settings and revoke access for any applications that you don't recognise. This Help page on Twitter gives more detailed advice on what to do if your Twitter account has been compromised.

Sorry for any inconvenience - it's business as usual this morning.


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