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The Proposed New Health Centre - A Comment from the Editor

Thursday 1 January 1970, 01:00
By John Baxter

Clearly the proposal to build a new Health Centre on the New Barns development area away from the centre of town is highly controversial and has already raised a lot of opposition for this is a move which will have a serious impact on everyone who lives here.

Today we have published the plans that are displayed in the current Health Centre and the press statement that has been given to us and others to explain the thinking that lies behind these proposals. The practice has also arranged for a public meeting to discuss these plans which will be held on Friday 12th March at 6.30pm in the Memorial Hall.

What is not so far clear is just how much difference public opinion and lobbying can make and who exactly will be responsible for making the final decisions and when the point of no return will be reached - if it has not been already (The Diary entry only speaks of the public meeting as a way of giving out further information).

It is clear from the press statement that a lot of thought and activity has already gone into the whole process from the medical side over a period of some years and there are considerations to be addressed that do not immediately strike the non-medical public. At the same time this move could have very considerable consequences for the town that those with medical interests might not have addressed fully.

The role of a web magazine like the Wincanton Window in a situation like this is clear. It is not to advocate a solution, but to provide an opportunity for the issues to be clearly and accurately set out and to facilitate full and frank discussion so that well thought out decisions may be made with as much support and understanding from the community as possible.

So please, if you feel strongly or have thought carefully about this, look at the Contribute section and send your opinions to me . If, as may be the case, you do not wish to be identified, then say so, but your name and address must be supplied to me, and your signed or anonymous comments will be placed on the site as soon as possible.

Comments should be short and to the point. Language should be civil. Editorial judgement needs to be final.

John Baxter


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