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Parking Charges in Wincanton - Wincanton Town Council's Proposals

Thursday 2 February 2012, 17:04
By Sam Skirton

A public meeting was held on Wednesday 25th January 2012 at Churchfield Offices meeting room. I have been asked to summarise the meeting for residents who were unable to attend. The meeting was arranged by the Town Council and the time was 4:30 to 6.00pm, as both the Chairman and myself had a Committee meeting that evening. The proposal below is the basis of negotiations between SSDC and Wincanton Town Council. This information was given to attendees at the meeting. Should you have any questions or comments you would like to pass to Council, please contact me at the Town Hall (01963 31693) or .

Sam Skirton, Wincanton Town ClerkCharges as from 1st April 2012

The proposed charges are as follows:

Memorial Hall 60p - 1 hour
  80p - 2 hours
  £1.60 - all day
Carrington Way  
Upper (Long Stay) 80p - 2 hours
  £1.60 - all day
Lower (Short/Medium) 60p - 1 hour
  80p - 2 hours
  £1.20 - 4 hours
  £1.60 - all day
Churchfields 80p - 2 hours
  £1.60 - all day
A quarterly season ticket will cost £40.00

SSDC Proposal to Wincanton Town Council

SSDC are confident the following projected income would be achieved per annum.

Carrington Way £6,900
Memorial Hall £15,000
Churchfields £2,100
Total £24,000

To keep the car parks free the Town Council will have to pay SSDC £24,000 per annum. This would only increase if car parking charges increase across the district.

As the Town Council have paid towards the extension and upgrade of the Memorial Hall Car Park the first year would be 10 months costs instead of 12 and one month free. Total cost for the first year would be £18,000.

The Town Council precept is based on 2001.54 houses. Last year a Band D dwelling paid £81 of their Rates to the Town Council. Council has set the 2012 precept at £82 per Band D dwelling (£164,126).
The cost per household per year (at the current base rate), to cover the annual compensation would be £11.99. This does not mean rates will increase by this sum as the Town Council carefully considers the budget each year.

There was a great deal of discussion at the meeting and a vote was taken. The majority were in favour of the Town Council paying the compensation to keep the car parks free.

The outcome of this meeting and further meetings with SSDC Officers will be discussed at the Wincanton Town Council meeting, Monday 13th February 2012 at 7:30pm in the Town Hall. As per all Council meetings, residents are encouraged to attend.


Victor Meldrew
Posts: 2
Re: Parking Charges in Wincanton - Wincanton Town Council's Proposals
Reply #1 on : Thu February 02, 2012, 16:34:22
I am astounded at the attitude of SSDC over this fiasco re car-parking charges.The other day I had to use Churchfields carpark and was surprised to see that the area that was laid out for residents use, and hijacked by SSDC for Council workers, was in fact being used for "mums` taxis`" collecting from school. No doubt these proposed charges will result in more "mum`s Taxi`s" parking in more inapropriate and dangerous places, I have seen 5 cars parking between the junctions of South Street and Southgate Drive on Moor Lane, which contravenes the Highway Code, which I am sure must have been read to obtain a license to drive. If, as it appears, charges are introduced then I propose an exclusion zone of 150m around schools is introduced on the grounds of safety. Funny, it is `safety` that makes most mums drive to and from school even when well in walking distance.
Victor Meldrew
Posts: 2
Re: Parking Charges in Wincanton - Wincanton Town Council's Proposals
Reply #2 on : Sat February 25, 2012, 11:41:26
I am even more astounded to find out (via a District Councillor) that the main instigators for the car parking charges are two LOCAL councillors who should know better, but I will refrain from further comment on both!

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