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Off to a good start: Muriel Cairns talks about the Diary

Monday 26 October 2009, 17:20
By Muriel Cairns

Muriel Cairns - Running the Wincanton Window DiarySince coming on line this October we have had 496 visits to the site. 210 have visited the Diary, 154 About, 95 Contribute, and 3,639 pages have been looked at. As Deputy Town Clerk I have been asked to take on the task of updating the Diary and it has been really good to see how many people are now sending me entries, even though we have so far done little advertising.

Note you can get a diary entry on the Window simply by filling in the online form at the bottom of the Calendar page and it comes straight on to me. Remember you can put a full paragraph of information into describing your event, and it will even automatically place the location of your event on a Google map. To take advantage of this however it is useful to identify where it will take place by mentioning the post code or "in Wincanton".

Note also you can put in dates as far in advance as you wish. This diary gives us all a wonderful opportunity to advertise activities and plan events and meetings so as to avoid unnecessary duplication.

Remember though, you can get even better coverage if you go to the Contribute page, read what to do and then download a Contribute template and send in your article describing your next wonderful event. Again you can do this from your computer.

Muriel Cairns


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