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More Time Agreed To Develop The Plan For South Somerset

Friday 21 October 2011, 13:33
By Dawn Haydon

South Somerset District Council's logoSouth Somerset District Council has agreed to allow more time to develop a plan that will shape the district up until 2028.

The council has been working on a set of draft policies that cover everything from how much housing and employment space is built and where, to what schools, roads, shops, parks and other services are needed in support.

Around a thousand people made formal comments on the draft plan during a six-week public consultation with over twenty local events, held last year.

Since then, the district council has been considering the responses and updated research to refine the proposals within the draft plan, known as the draft Core Strategy.

The council is now aiming to finalise its report containing updated proposals for Area Committee consideration in the New Year, instead of November and December 2011.

One of the key reasons that the longer timetable has been agreed is to allow the council to thoroughly review, analyse and familiarise itself with two significant supporting documents; the Infrastructure Development Plan and the Community Infrastructure Levy report. These have been received later than scheduled from consultants.

The council has been informing all contributors of progress to date and will be confirming updated estimated timescales when the documents have been reviewed.

Cllr Ric Pallister, Leader of South Somerset District Council explains the next steps: "These two documents are important as they inform the council of the infrastructure required to support development proposals and how it might be funded.

"The consultants have provided their comments on this major body of work and we now have to reflect on what they are saying. It would be impractical and indeed foolish to rush the checking and analysis of them into two weeks to meet our original timescale, which we set ourselves as a guideline rather than a deadline set by central Government.

"It is important that all of our research and proposals match up and that we get this right, so we will take a little extra time to make sure we have gone through these two documents thoroughly and that we are one hundred percent ready when we present updated proposals to councillors and to the public for their comment.

"By taking longer, the council is allowing itself to see the full picture on development proposals and their implications, to make sure we are proposing growth in the right places.

"The most important thing is to get it right and if that means taking a bit longer, so be it."

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CRE makes the point Tory Government build on Green sites!
Reply #1 on : Mon April 06, 2015, 16:03:36
The Campaign for Rural England state that as many as 217,000 new homes will be earmarked on 'Green' field sites. The Green Party are on record as stating that they would build 500,000 new homes mainly social housing on Green field sites. So much for being Environmental friendly! What does show is the hypocrites the Tories are when they bleat on about protection 'Green' field sites here in Wincanton yet their very own Government is in league with major developers to build on quality farming Green field sites throughout England and Wales. We in UKIP will oppose this at every level.
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Nick Colbert
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Green field sites
Reply #2 on : Thu April 09, 2015, 10:56:42
Just like we have.

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