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If Gill Can Do It...

Wednesday 16 June 2010, 16:54
By Gill D'Arcy

Gill D'ArcyAs Secretary to the German Twinning Association I was very frightened by the thought of having to submit all articles online.

When the Window was first opened and was going to become the Community Magazine I was put off from using it as it sounded like a very complicated way of sending in articles and diary dates for events.

Well my first attempt was a failure so I sent it all to the Editor, John Baxter, who was very helpful but also very encouraging about me trying again.

When I had another article to send in I thought, if John says it's easy then it must be, so I thought I would give it a go and see what I could do.

After sitting in front of the computer for a few minutes I thought, this is silly; here goes.

I downloaded the form I needed, (they call it a template) filled in all the relevant information, saved it and then sent it back. Yippee - off it went and it really was so easy!

I am now thoroughly hooked on using the Window and would recommend anyone, even a real computer novice, to have a look at the Contribute section and have a go. It really is easy. I can even upload pictures and also enter dates in the Diary- which is really great. I can do all this from my own house and it only takes a few minutes and then it's all done.

Now all our events are entered with ease for all to see what an active association we are. So go on -  have a look and have a go. It really is easy to use and so convenient.

Gill D'Arcy


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