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Election Day 2015 Results

Friday 8 May 2015, 21:13
By John Smith

The polling station at Wincanton Memorial Hall

General Election Day started at the Memorial Hall, with doors opening at 7.00am. Voters arrived steadily throughout the day, right up to doors closing at 10.00pm. After that the waiting game started.

Local Elections

The Town Council results were the last to be declared. Some existing councillors were re-elected, along with five first-time councillors, who will bring fresh energy as the council heads into a new season.

Wincanton Town Council Votes
Colin Winder 1319 Elected
Maureen Emery 915 Elected
Philip Rodgers 848 Elected
Dora Hibberd 845 Elected
Dawn Old 791 New Councillor
Sue Hinks 771 Elected
Howard Thurston Ellard 760 Elected
Mark Anthony Vallance 753 New Councillor
Mark Jeffrey Cook 723 Elected
Ray Tudgay 687 Elected
Dave Smith 646 New Councillor
Stewart Philip Wray 639 New Councillor
Helen Smith 636 New Councillor
Victoria Vagg 611 Elected
Lynda Walters 602 Elected
Jane Yolanda Griffin 561 Not elected
Martin Laurence Russell 538 Not elected
Simon Patrick Wiltshire 525 Not elected
John Edward Hayden 480 Not elected


District Elections

District - Wincanton Ward Votes Share 2011  
Colin Winder Conservative 1235 25% 963 Elected
Nick Colbert Conservative 1231 25% 981 Elected
Tim Carroll Liberal Democrats 821 17%   Not elected
Mark Anthony Vallance UKIP 531 11%   Not elected
Sarah Elizabeth Denton Liberal Democrats 512 11%   Not elected
John Holman Green Party 307 6%   Not elected
Tim Daniel Labour 223 5%   Not elected

In the District Council election, 4860 votes were cast (3055 in 2011).


Parliamentary Elections

The parliamentary election for Somerton & Frome (which includes Wincanton) was billed as a vital seat in the battle to get as close to a parliamentary majority as possible.

We learned today that David Warburton (Conservative) will represent Somerton and Frome as our Member of Parliament in Westminster. He succeeds the very popular David Heath (Liberal Democrat) who stood down from Parliament in the run up to the election.

Parliamentary - Somerset & Frome Votes Share 2011  
David John Warburton Conservative 31,960 53% 26,976 Elected
David Digby Rendel Liberal Democrats 11,692 19% 28,793 Not elected
Alan Ivor Dimmick UKIP 6439 11% 1,932 Not elected
Theo Simon Green Party 5434 9%   Not elected
David Alan Oakensen Labour 4419 7% 2,675 Not elected
Ian Paul Angell Independent 365 1%   Not elected

A total of 60,309 votes were cast (60,612 in 2010).


National Politics

All the polls in the lead up to the election pointed to another hung parliament. The exit poll last night suggested otherwise, attracting scepticism from all parties. In a startling turn of events, and against all expectations, by this morning it was apparent that the Conservative Party would achieve a parliamentary majority.

National Parliamentary Results Seats
Conservative 331
Labour 232
SNP 56
DUP 12
Liberal Democrats 8
Plaid Cymru 3
Green Party 1


Penny Ashton
Posts: 1
Re: Election Day 2015 Results
Reply #1 on : Sat May 09, 2015, 14:27:54
I was sorry to learn that Martin Russell was not re-elected to the town council. He has worked hard for the good of Wincanton, and has not been afraid to have new ideas for the town. I think that we shall miss his input.

SSDC will also miss the brain and ability of Tim Carroll who has for many years served and worked hard on both SSCD and on Somerset County Council, but that's how democracy works and we can't all get what we want. Let's hope we find that we like what we voted for.
Posts: 2
Town Council Elections
Reply #2 on : Sat May 09, 2015, 15:42:17
It is encouraging to see that five new councillors have been elected. It should be noted that all five of them chose to tell us about themselves on the WW.

It was in fact sad that many did not do this and this made it difficult, as I heard many people say, to decide who to vote for.
Posts: 2
District Council Elections
Reply #3 on : Sat May 09, 2015, 15:49:05
The final count for the District Council is 29 Liberal Democrats, 28 Conservatives and 3 Independents. We now need to wait and see how this will work out as regards who leads the Council.
Posts: 1
Town Council elections
Reply #4 on : Sun May 10, 2015, 08:00:51
Congratulations to the re-elected councillors, particularly the new members, and thanks to them all for giving their time in our best interests. However, surely all candidates must see the advantage of posting a short summary of what drives them to take an active part in our local democracy. Perhaps next time we can make an even more informed choice.
Nick Colbert
Posts: 1
Reply #5 on : Tue May 12, 2015, 12:37:41
Many thanks to those who voted for me and Colin Winder, to achieve 50% of the vote between us with 7 candidates standing was very heartening, sometimes you can put in a lot of time and effort and it feels that no one notices, but obviously many do.
Posts: 2
Town Council Election
Reply #6 on : Sat May 16, 2015, 08:55:56
I would like to say thank you very much to those people who voted for me. I will continue to work for the people of Wincanton for the next 4 years and together we can make a difference.
Posts: 2
Town Council Election
Reply #7 on : Sat May 16, 2015, 08:57:57
I would like to say thank you very much to those people who voted for me. I will continue to work for the people of Wincanton for the next 4 years and together we can make a difference. Lynda Walters.

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