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Building Your International Business from Home

Thursday 3 April 2014, 15:32
By Pauline Moylan

Pauline Moylan with her Arbonne display

Are you secure in your retirement?

Have you even thought about your income when you retire?

How many pay days do you have left – 12, 24, 60, 120, 240?

I was introduced to Arbonne about two years ago, by a friend who already had a successful training business for 17 yrs, and I was intrigued to hear what had prompted her to set up another business, and with a company that I had never even heard of. Essentially, she was concerned about the likely shortfall in the performance of her pensions and investments, and was looking for something additional to build that back in to her income when she retired – which without Arbonne, wouldn't be any time soon...

Arbonne makes pure, botanically based, Swiss formulated skincare and nutrition for all the family, products I love, and have now totally switched my brand loyalty – but I would never have heard about it other than via someone else, as it is marketed exclusively through a network of independent consultants. It's marketed simply by word of mouth recommendation, so no money is wasted on the retailing process or expensive celebrity advertising – and it means that a greater proportion than in most skin care goes into the quality of the ingredients and the research and development behind this.

Arbonne independent consultant

This is an online business, which is managed totally by Arbonne – my role is just to get out and share the products and the business opportunity with anyone who wants to find another way to buy top quality personal care and nutritional products. Better still, I can show people how to shop online, at a discount, and even how they can earn an income from money that they would already be spending anyway!

Think about it – we all shower every day, wash our hair, men shave, women wear makeup, mothers want the best skin care for their babies etc – that's one half of the "doing Arbonne" bit (we switch our brand and become committed consumers). And as for the other bit – how many of you have ever recommended a book, a film, a restaurant, a shop etc to someone who then goes to/uses that, because they trust your judgment? But does that shop/restaurant etc pay you a commission for recommending someone?

Arbonne detox setThat's really all I do, and when someone who is linked to me shops with Arbonne, I get paid a commission; and because these products are all consumable, when they run out and consumers go online to re-purchase, I automatically get paid another commission – just like a royalties scheme!

Our unique "try before you buy" policy enables people to have a 4-5 day home-based trial of our key skin care ranges, to sample the quality and effectiveness of our products before they decide whether to make a purchase. We are so confident of the quality of the products that we also offer a 45-day money back guarantee – where else can you get that?

Arbonne is in the top 20 network marketing companies registered with the Direct Selling Association in the US, and is number 32 globally, but it's still in only 4 countries now - UK, Australia, Canada and USA. Just imagine the growth potential of this company!

Pauline MoylanThe vision is to expand into Europe and Asia in the near future, into around 50 countries over the next 10-15 years, and the best news is that it's starting now - we are launching in Poland this summer, then in Taiwan late 2015. I might not know anyone in either of these countries, but there will be someone in my network who does – and then while they shop, I can be earning in my sleep!

So that is Arbonne in a nutshell – if you would like to hear more about the Arbonne Advantage, or try our skin care range in the privacy of your own home, please get in touch with me:

Pauline Moylan, Independent Consultant; tel 07973 824793 or e-mail .

You can also visit either of these websites: or


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