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Baby Guinea Pigs Stolen from Balsam Fields

Tuesday 3 April 2012, 12:21
By Tracey Seager

Our two baby guinea pigs were stolen from their hutch in Balsam Fields on Sunday night (1 April 2012). Barely four weeks old, they aren't yet old enough to be away from their mum. One baby is on antibiotics so is even more at risk.

Stolen baby Guinea Pigs

We would really appreciate any information which could help to get the babies back. My two little boys don't know yet that they have been taken and they will be devastated when I have to tell them. I am really hoping that someone will bring them back so that my boys don't need to know. One of the babies is beige and white and the other is brown, beige and white. The darker one is easy to spot as his fur was shaved on his back by the vet on Friday.

Please contact Tracey on 01963 34095 if you have any information.


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culprits should be ashamed!
Reply #1 on : Tue April 10, 2012, 17:06:50
I was very sad to read this and feel so sorry for your children who by now will know about the loss of these cute little animals. Whoever took them clearly has no concern for others human or animal - I really hope you find them x

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