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About the Wincanton Window

We are here to provide you with up to date news, information and opinion and a full diary of what’s on. We provide an opportunity for every local club, shop, business, sport, church, activity and interest group to put out its message and communicate with its members and the wider public – for the benefit of everyone.  We are also here to stimulate debate and discussion about local issues in an open and balanced way.

As a result we hope to get to know each other better, to encourage a sense of community and to help us link up with others who share our interests.

To do this we need lots of contributions from YOU and to encourage you to use it. We hope you will find that what the Window provides is really interesting, important and can be a lot of fun.

Our constitution
How are we funded?
How are we organised?
How much does it cost?
What does the editor do?
Who runs the web site?
Our Chairman



Our constitution

Our signed constitution as of February 2011 can be downloaded (and printed) here.

How are we funded?

After doing a presentation to the Town Council in 2009 we were given a grant of £400 and after putting our case to the District Council we received a start-up grant of £550 in the same year. These worthwhile grants were enough for us to get started, but now we are developing the web site in ways that allow us to become self-sustaining. Examples of ways we will do that are introducing paid advertising on the site and offering sponsorship opportunities.

We are fortunate enough receive the occasional donation, for which we are very grateful, and we will also explore avenues of local or national grant and community funding wherever possible.

How are we organised?

In 2011, Wincanton Window became a charity, managed by a board of Trustees. We also have a small organising committee which, from the outset, has overseen the day-to-day management of Wincanton Window. Chairman: Richard Porter, Secretary: Elizabeth Baxter, Treasurer: John O’Neill, Editor: Mandy Cochrane, Web Manager: Dave Smith. The website has been designed and built by Dave as a contribution to the community. He is a graduate IT professional and will maintain the site at a reduced rate. Everyone else is currently involved as an unpaid volunteer.

Wincanton Window has no dedicated journalists so we rely on our readers to write articles for publication. If contributors have a particular area of interest such as a sport, a charity or a local club etc., we’re delighted to encourage regular articles from them.

Spreading the word about Wincanton Window and encouraging new articles from as many sectors of our community as possible is very important to us. To that end, our local residents, clubs, churches and businesses etc. play a vital role in our organisation and we’re very grateful for their input and support.

If you would like to become involved in any way, volunteers are always very welcome. Contact the editor at  for details of how you might get involved with Wincanton Window.

How much does it cost?

Our Treasurer, John O'Neill: John is a retired management accountantOur Treasurer, John O’Neill:  John is a retired management accountant.

Firstly, our Annual Accounts show our income and expenditure for our first two years of operation up to 31st August 2011.

You can see our Annual Accounts in more detail here.

Unfortunately we did not receive any grants from Wincanton Town Council or from South Somerset District Council in our second year so we were not able to pay for our our web site maintenance as we had in our first year. Fortunately for us, Link- 2 continued to provide web site maintenance without charge.

We are striving to increase our future income so that we will be able to pay for this essential service.

Secondly, our bank account gives details of the donations we have received in our current financial year since 31st August 2011. Because of our minimal bank balance we have not spent any money this year.

View our bank account here.

Consequently we will be glad to receive donations to help fund essential expenses and to this end I am glad to say that we have recently been given charitable status for tax purposes so that we will, in future, be able to reclaim tax under the gift aid scheme on donations, subscriptions etc that we receive.



What does the Editor do?

Mandy Cochrane: Self-employed, home-based professional and busy mum.Mandy Cochrane: SEO Analyst for a web design company and busy mum.

It's my role to encourage and help anyone who'd like to submit an article to Wincanton Window, to edit and proofread articles before they are published and to ensure that articles adhere to our Editorial Policy. It's nice to see a variety of different topics whenever you visit the Home Page, so I'll monitor that and try to ensure we strike the right balance. Enthusiastic contributions in the comments of articles are always welcome, but it will be part of my job to make sure no one becomes insulting, abusive or slanderous. For those who enjoy bite-size chunks of local news and events, I also run Wincanton Window's Twitter and Facebook Pages.

So if you have a story or idea to contribute, or would like to help in some way PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL to .


Who runs the web site?

The webmaster, Dave Smith: Local self-employed IT professionalThe Web Manager, Dave Smith: Local self-employed IT professional.

As the Wincanton Window Web Manager it has been my job to build the site, as it will be to maintain it, evolve it, and to keep it up to date. It's clear that an online web-magazine is a bold move for a town like Wincanton, so everyone involved will need to work especially hard to ensure its success. For me this involves making it as easy as humanly possible for everyone to get involved. Unlike so many other web sites of this type, we've chosen a contribution model that allows anyone to write an article or submit a calendar entry, as opposed to employing dedicated writers. Although it means we should have plenty of information for the site, it also means we need to make sure everyone can take part easily. Should you have any difficulties with the article template, preparing images, using the web site or your computer, you can contact me at .


Our Chairman

Our chairman, Richard PorterRichard Porter.

It is good to be associated with a venture that can benefit everyone in Wincanton and the surrounding area. For the first time there will be an easy and cheap (well its free at the moment, actually) way for individuals and organisations to check their diaries, advertise their events, hear the local news and generally be aware of all that Wincanton has to offer from its range shops, businesses, health services, sports clubs, charities and churches. Wincanton Window will ultimately be only as good as its contributors so please support us with articles and suggestions for the future.

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