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About the Wincanton Window

We are here to provide you with up to date news, information and opinion and a full diary of what’s on. We provide an opportunity for every local club, shop, business, sport, church, activity and interest group to put out its message and communicate with its members and the wider public – for the benefit of everyone.  We are also here to stimulate debate and discussion about local issues in an open and balanced way.

As a result we hope to get to know each other better, to encourage a sense of community and to help us link up with others who share our interests.

To do this we need lots of contributions from YOU and to encourage you to use it. We hope you will find that what the Window provides is really interesting, important and can be a lot of fun.

The Wincanton Window has no dedicated journalists so we rely on our readers to write articles for publication. If contributors have a particular area of interest such as a sport, a charity or a local club etc., we’re delighted to encourage regular articles from them.

Spreading the word about the Wincanton Window and encouraging new articles from as many sectors of our community as possible is very important to us. To that end, our local residents, clubs, churches and businesses etc. play a vital role in our organisation and we’re very grateful for their input and support.

If you would like to become involved in any way, volunteers are always very welcome. Contact the editor at  for details of how you might get involved with Wincanton Window.

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