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Wincanton Slimming World with Charlie Westcar

Monday 22 August 2016, 16:32
By Charlie Westcar

Charlie Westcar, before and after


When I left catering college I was a size 8. I went traveling to Australia and put on loads of weight. When I came back to the UK and started working I met my husband. Then we moved to South Africa because he was transferred out there for business. We had three children, and although I was very active with sport and running around after children I never really lost all my baby weight.

On returning to the UK we bought a pub which really started to take its toll on my weight. Due to the workload, lack of food and long, unsociable hours, I lost weight very quickly. After a few years we sold the pub and I started a new job.

Having smoked for many years I decided it was time to stop, and start to look at the food I was eating. I was very worried that the giving up smoking would really impact my weight. For the first three years I managed to maintain may weight, then slowly but surely started putting it back on, gaining two stone.

This time last year I decided I'd had enough of the overweight Charlie. I was fed up and really not feeling great at all. So having received a flyer through the door about a local group, and an endorsement from one of the girls at work who had been going to Slimming World, I decided to give it a go.

So on a Monday evening I got in my car and headed towards the little town of Mere, Wiltshire. I walked into the venue to be greeted by a lovely, bubbly consultant called Sophie who immediately explained that I could continue to eat curries, chips etc. and still lose weight. I'm not a fan of chips, but I could still eat them if I wanted to. After listening to Sophie I realised that I wouldn't be on a diet, I would just be eating properly and, best of all, proper food which I could enjoy with the family.

Mere Slimming World

After Sophie spoke to the group, and hearing from all the people that had lost weight the week before, I felt so positive. I could do this! So I got on the scales and wanted to cry, I felt so awful, but I knew I was in the right place and I had taken the first step to my new, lighter me.

I went home and read the books and decided what I would have for breakfast and lunch the next day, and made a shopping list of everyday essentials I would need. It was all about planning. I had challenges along the way but after a few gin and diet bitter lemons and eating out, too, I got on the scales and in my first week had lost 6lbs. I was over the moon!

I continued to go to group every week. It really helped with ideas for food to eat, ways to boost weight loss and getting to know people that are in exactly the same circumstances. I have made so many good friends along the way.

I started swimming and playing squash two or three times a week, and a pilates class, too. Plenty of activity; something I would never have done before.

On 21st December 2015 I hit my target weight loss of two stone, and felt amazing. I have since decided I would like to lose a little bit more...

I am not on a diet. I am enjoying normal, healthy foods and after losing two stone I have more confidence, I'm a lot happier and I feel great!

I was made redundant in January, but after speaking to lots of friends, posting my pictures on FB and hopefully encouraging fellow colleagues to stay on track, I decided it was time to become a Slimming World Consultant. I was also voted Woman of the Year 2016 for the Mere Slimming World Group.

I now have three weddings in the next three years - Mother of the Groom x 3!

Charlie Westcar

Wincanton Slimming World
Wincanton Memorial Hall, BA9 9JF
Wednesdays, 7pm
All welcome
Tel: Charlie 07827 323646
Facebook: Wincanton Slimming World with Charlie Westcar


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