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The February Garden - Catch Up With Outstanding Jobs

Tuesday 5 February 2013, 13:19
By Andy Cole

Well, what a contrast the last few days have been, lots of snow; great for the children but not so good for travelling about. In the garden it has been a mixed blessing; the cold will have helped to kill some of those nasty bugs but it means we have still not got into the garden to catch up with those outstanding jobs. And there are some new jobs too, so it's time to get busy!

  1. Garden under heavy snowDig the vegetable patch if not done.
  2. Check your tree and shrub supports and make good.
  3. Check your fences for damage from the wind.
  4. Prune wisteria.
  5. Plant some nice primulas and polyanthus into some frost-hardy pots. This will brighten up the patio, but remember to keep dead-heading them.
  6. Check your soil pH as you will have the time to do it now. There are several good makes of tester on the market and these can be purchased from most garden centres.
  7. Once you have been able to go through the flower beds spread organic mulch on them to suppress the weeds
  8. Cut back your fuchsias and lightly mulch them to keep the frost off.
  9. Sort out your old vegetable seeds and don't forget to test them to ensure a good germination rate. To do this take a few seeds from the packet and place them on a plate with a piece of paper towel. Moisten the towel, put the seed on and then cover with a clear film. Place in a warm spot. If only a few seeds germinate then throw the packet away and buy some fresh. (After the first seed germinates leave them about a week to see how many more grow.)

10. This is also the best time to get your machinery serviced so don't delay; get that mower done because you will need it quicker than you think as time goes by so fast.

If you get too far behind with the work don't despair. Give us a call; we are always ready to help. Details are on our web site


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