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Democracy Deficit

Monday 4 February 2013, 17:42
By Nick Colbert

Nick ColbertThere can be no finer example of democracy being subverted than our membership of the European Union. The public has never been given a vote on the Union by any politician of any party, yet all wave their democratic principles about like some kind of badge of honour.

Edward Heath had a referendum on our membership of the Common Market where he expressly said that it was just a Common Market to assist with freeing up trade throughout Europe and that there would be no parliament or government.

We now know we were lied to by Heath and I am particularly annoyed because I was taken in by him and voted "yes" in a close decision. The message from the mainstream politicians is: we make the decisions, not the people and we like being photographed, on expenses, at various luxury hotels around Europe as one summit follows another.

I know from my experience as a District Councilor how politicians spend public money like water; it makes them feel important and the more they spend the more important they feel. They do not understand the contempt the public feels for them and in the case of the EU the contempt for the excuses used for why "now is not quite the right time for a vote on the EU".

In Councils, by law, the public have to be consulted (albeit generally ignored), the County Council ran into difficulty over consultation during the libraries debate. Councils now live in fear that if they fail to consult properly they will be forced into a judicial review, so how can it be that there has never been any consultation on a referendum involving our membership of the European Union?

Ed Miliband quoteAll the mainstream parties are guilty of this blatant lack of democracy and snubbing of the views of the electorate, hence the rise and rise of UKIP. David Cameron has said he will give us an in or out referendum, but not for five years, which is frustrating, but I can understand the reason why, sadly he does not have a majority, and the Liberal Democrats are hell-bent on keeping us in the EU no matter what the electorate might think.

We have had our borders opened without a referendum, laws passed without a referendum, vast sums of our money handed over to the EU without a referendum, added costs imposed on Council contracts over £50k as they have to be advertised in 27 different countries in many different languages, increasing the cost to the public by 10% without a referendum...and on and on. The undemocratic European Union farce continues as we are not given a say on our country's future.

We are in the Common Market so if we leave the EU trade will continue as before, and believe me Germany wants us buying BMW's, Mercedes, Audi's, Volkswagen, Porsche's and Skoda's. Two of the most economically successful countries in Europe are Switzerland and Norway, neither of which are in the EU and both are much smaller countries than Great Britain.

UKIP has recently been pushing the Liberal Democrats into 4th place in the opinion polls. With the Lib/Dems' blatant disregard for giving the public any say about our membership of the EU, I for one am not surprised. I suspect they will reap the wrath of the electorate at future elections.


Victor Meldrew
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Re: Democracy Deficit
Reply #1 on : Wed February 13, 2013, 21:30:25
About time something like this was spoken about openly. I notice that there is a letter in the BV in a similar vein. I think it is even more out -spoken on the subject.
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