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1, (2), there are two different formulae for the double complex ✭ D , ✭ HomA P , G Q ✭ ✄ ✭ ✄ ✭ ✆ ✆ ✡ Q ✭ ✟ B HomA P , T ✭ ✄ ✆ Q ✡ ✭ B ✟ ✰ ✄ P , ✭ ✆ and its terms, D p,q , are 0 except when 0 p t and q 0, thus when p, q is in the fourth quadrant. The term Dn of the single complex t, and is a direct sum of at most t 1 terms, so its is 0 unless n two spectral sequences do converge to H N : H D . For this complex, it is the second spectral sequence which collapses, to show 0 for n 0 and H0 D N , whereas it is the first that Hn D spectral sequence which contains non-trivial imformation, including the formulae for the induced filtrations on B-modules.

If not, the algebra is representation-infinite, if yes, the theorems above can be applied. Besides the algorithmic method described in [20], several sufficient conditions have been found when an algebra admits a preprojective component. For instance, every directed, Schurian algebra admits a preprojective component if it satisfies a certain separation property (an algebra A kQ I is said to be directed if Q has no oriented cycles, and it is said to be Schurian provided dimk Hom A P x , P y 1 for all x, y Q0 where P x denotes the indecomposable projective A module associated to the vertex x Q0 ).

9] K. Bongartz, Critical simply connected algebras, Manuscripta Math. 46 (1984), 117–136. Classification of representation-finite algebras and their modules 29 [10] K. Bongartz, Algebras and quadratic forms. J. London Math. Soc. (2) 28 (1983), no. 3, 461–469. [11] K. Bongartz, Indecomposables are standard, Comment. Math. Helv. 60 (1985), no. 3, 400–410. ¨stle, Tame tree algebras, J. reine angew. Math. 567 (2004), [12] Th. Bru 51–98. [13] S. R. Butler, Generalizations of the BernsteinGelfand-Ponomarev reflection functors.

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