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By Andrea Guarelli

ISBN-10: 1634509625

ISBN-13: 9781634509626

Japan’s Ryukyu archipelago was once the birthplace of 2 tools of self-defense now practiced all over the world: Okinawan Karate and Ryukyu Kobujutsu, often called Okinawan Kobudo. Kobudo is the research of guns tailored from the instruments of farming and fishing.

Okinawan Kobudo unearths, for the 1st time via print and pictures, the wealthy background and methods of this so much prestigious martial paintings identified all over the world as Matayoshi.

Andrea Guarelli strains the historical past of Matayoshi Kobudo, explores the heritage of every weapon, and demonstrates the shape and means of perform via infrequent photographs, lots of which the writer took whereas a scholar of Shinpo Matayoshi Sensei (1921–1997).

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Mostly, both arms perform the same move on opposing sides of the body. This has a balancing effect making excessive body movements less likely for the beginner. The section finishes with a downward and upward pressing action driven from the shoulders. This reminds us that even if the arms are extended – the hand can still travel directly to the target, without first drawing the arms back to the body. This section of the form should be performed briskly. The third section describes basic shapes, teaching us how to flow simply from one position to the next.

Bong Sau is used to dissipate the force and redirect your energy into the attacker. It will also make it more difficult to hold onto your arm. Bong Sau should cover any incoming attacks. If the punch is low, Lan Sau (Barrier-arm Deflection) can be used here as an alternative. Primarily using the three actions of Taan, Fook and Bong Sau, the Wing Chun practitioner aims to achieve a position of superior strength and angle with every single move. During any defence, attack, footwork-step or posture shift, the central axis line must be controlled, thus maintaining the opponent’s disadvantage and forcing them to defend from a poor angle and attack down a longer path.

24b Kicking the supporting leg when receiving a round kick 56 Beginning Wing Chun_INSIDE_SPREA56 56 19/09/2006 09:28:42 THE BASIC SHAPES AND FOOTWORK TYPES OF WING CHUN Other equally effective defences are the use of Soh Sau (Pressingpalm Deflection) or Gaan Sau (Splitting-hand Deflection) to cover the lower areas, or simply apply downward pressure to the arm as the foot leaves the ground. This has an unbalancing effect causing the foot to be quickly put back onto the ground. If an opponent performs a foot sweep on your leg it needs to be able to return to centre, in the same way that a hand would, and immediately re-attack them.

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