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By M. Sip, M. Leng (auth.), Prof. Dr. Fritz Eckstein, Prof. Dr. David M. J. Lilley (eds.)

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Molecular biology is without doubt one of the such a lot swiftly transforming into develo- ping and at thesame time most enjoyable disciplines. the major to molecular biology lies within the knowing of nucleic a- cids - their constitution, functionality, and interplay with seasoned- teins. Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology retains scientists trained of the explosively turning out to be details and complies with with the nice curiosity during this box by way of providing a persisted excessive ordinary of evaluation. a considerable a part of this quantity has been dedicated to the research of other features of nucleic acid-protein-interactions together with RNA- protein-interaction.

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This suggests that the OR3 central sequence favors stable repressorDNA complexes. Analysis of the repressor-OR3 complex shows that the central 5'A-A-A-A3 ' bases in this site are highly propeller twisted and have the potential to form several bifurcated hydrogen bonds (D. Rodgers and S. Harrison, unpubl. results). Future work will involve studies to resolve the origin of sequencedependent differences in DNA structure and flexibility as well as to extend the principles gained from these studies to other systems.

Coli Met Repressor: DNA Recognition by p-Strands 39 The corepressor, SAM, binds at two independent symmetry-related sites on the opposite face of the repressor to that containing the p-ribbon. The methionine moiety lies partly exposed on the protein surface, with the positively charged methylated sulphur positioned at the C-terminal end of the B helix, while the purine ring is inserted into a pocket beside the B helix otherwise occupied by the side chain of Phe65 in the aporepressor. Despite the dramatic effect of SAM binding on operator affinity, it induces little change in the repressor structure, and diagrams of the aporepressor would be indistinguishable from those in Fig.

4 Protein-DNA Contacts The high affinity of the repressor-operator complex arises from exclusion of ions and solvent from the protein-DNA and protein-protein interfaces, and formation of a large number of hydrogen bonds and salt bridges. V. Phillips et al. Fig. 8. Cutaway view of the DNA-binding motif of one repressor in the complex, on'ented along the molecular dyad as in Fig. Sa, with residues 1-9 and 59-104, and the SAM molecules, removed for clarity. The DNA is shown as ball and stick, with filled bonds for the sugar-phosphate backbone, and open bonds for the remainder of the ribose rings and the bases.

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