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By Ashida Kim

ISBN-10: 0873643224

ISBN-13: 9780873643221

Ninja fingers of demise [Paperback]

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The knee strike also prevents him from stepping back to save himself from falling. To complete the takedown, step back with your left leg and pull his head down and back. This will stun him by inducing a whiplash type injury to the medulla at the base of the skull as the chin lift jerks his head back. Or, when the back of his head impacts the ground. For Sentry Removal purposes, he may be readily dragged out of sight by his chin without shifting your hold whatsoever. Or, move so that you are kneeling behind him and he is sitting by pulling down as his balance is broken such that he “sits down” jarringly on the mat.

Every culture has a term for this degree of attainment. The Indian shaman, the Hindu guru, the Hawaiian kahuna-all are the same-Men of Knowledge, or Power. By virtue of his "thousand eyes," the local Jonin will soon know of any activity within his province. He may let it continue without interference if it serves some subplot of his own; or he may make contact with the Chunin. In that event, he may either demand a piece of the action, charging a percentage for extending his protection, or he may simply forbid the activity.

When the Koga clan was expelled from their province by the armies of the Shogun Tokugawa, as were all the rest of the Ninja clans who were not killed as part of his great “sword-hunt” to disarm the peasants, many found themselves displaced refugees in Kyoto, Osaka, and other “cities” of the period. Not that many survived the Shogun’s genocidal attack. As warriors of extraordinary repute, they soon found employment as bodyguards, spies, assassins, and the like, utilizing talents that had been well paid for by their former master when he had used them to bring himself to power only a short time before.

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