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By Fiona Jayde

ISBN-10: 1609281934

ISBN-13: 9781609281939

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No judgment—not yet anyway. ” He rocked back on his heels, as if not sure how to proceed. ” Dina took another step along the newfound peace. “With you and Valoelle…” She trailed off when he frowned, but then pushed onward. ” His gaze suddenly sharpened—she figured he looked for a bite mark on her neck. Another sign of that fragile peace—he didn’t demand for her to show it. Not that she had something to show. Man’s eyes stayed calm. Dina imagined that he forced himself to keep his hands inside his pockets.

And Dina realized she was okay with that decision. ” Her brother gave her a long look, as if gauging how far to trust. “You have one hell of a left hook,” he finally said and had her grinning. If nothing else, this one part of her life turned out right. ” Man changed the topic, as this new and fragile peace bloomed. Dina dabbed astringent over her shoulder, let herself wince in front of him. As far as truce, this was a small and yet giant step to let her brother see a weakness. ” She whirled around.

He raised a brow when she didn’t move. Even if she was an idiot, she wasn’t about to give her back to a damned vamp. Another sizzling moment and he shrugged as if he didn’t really give a fuck, and walked towards the back entrance. Dina pushed through the crowd after him, forcing herself to breathe, already reaching for the short blade hidden at her lower back. She’d cut strips off his skin before piercing his heart and leaving him for morning. As if he read her mind, he smiled darkly when he turned and stepped aside.

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